Seattle’s Best

To some degree, my entire summer has been living out a big ole list of pros & cons. I’ve been feeling things out, settling into a slower pace, shifting into a different space, both physically and mentally.

My friends and family know this is how I operate, often moving in slow-mo baby steps. They are being so patient. For that, I am very grateful. I welcome their feedback and cheerleading, but ultimately I know I must listen to what’s within.

While it’s fresh in my mind, here are some things I really enjoy about Seattle. Some of this I knew already, much I’ve figured out during my extended stay. (Of course there are a few “cons” to weigh in too, but I will focus on the positives for now. And there are many.)

Seattle’s Best (for starters):

~People here are friendly. Strangers often say ‘hi;’ folks seem generally mellow and good-natured. (Cynical me, sometimes I initially wonder what strangers are after when they strike up banter at unexpected times…Then I’m ashamed when I realize they’re just being nice!)

~Proximity to nature and simply stunning sites (sea, mountains, you name it).

~There is glorious water everywhere (and more importantly access to water). These people really take advantage of their incredible surroundings, especially when the potent sun finally scares away the gray.

~I love eating on the water. I love sitting by the water. I love wandering along house boat communities, dreaming of the day I might live in one a la “Sleepless in Seattle.” (I remember my brother being in awe of these floating homes when he first arrived here. Now I get it.)

~I’ll say it again (though it’s a given), these guys:

~Ambiance. This town’s got that mastered. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops–each has such a unique and cozy feel. D.C., take note.

(Bastille in Ballard)

(Bimbo’s Cantina in Capitol Hill)

(Smith on 15th)

~Coffee culture. If you crave  java at any time of day, you will never sip solo. Cafes are always filled–with freelancers, contractors, students, drifters, who knows. It’s nice to never feel alone. (This seems key when considering the freelancing way of life.)

~Music, music, everywhere music.

~The chance to reunite with some amazing people I’ve lived far away from for way too long. My reunion with Alli P (a dear college amiga) this past weekend was so, so incredible. It had been a decade, yet we reconnected as if it’d not even been a week.

~People who seem to care. About the earth, about other people, about healthy lifestyles for themselves.

~Touristy landmarks that live up to the hype.

~Characters that range from stereotypical flannel ‘n’ grunge rockers and dorky techies to avid adventure athletes and 9-t0-5 preps. There are some kooks; there are some relatively “normal” Americans like you and me. I haven’t quite figured out the Seattle scene, but from what I can tell, this city welcomes an eccentric mix. Regardless, things are always colorful around these parts.

It’s been a really great month.

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  1. cornelia whiitng
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 05:31:15

    LOVE this! I think this is your best to date. Seattle is a pretty great place.
    xo mom


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