Happy Halloween!

I love this holiday.

Friday night, at a noisy and friendly neighborhood spot, I introduced two wonderful friends to one another (one from kindergarten, one from college) over calzones, local brews and bananas.

Saturday night, I saw a show in Fremont (my second show of the day, actually) where zombie musicians took over the stage (Queen Bitch – David Bowie Tribute Talking Deads). That was some GOOD people-watching in there, I tell you.

Enjoy the costumes, candy and whimsy today, everyone!







Just right

Do many things trump delicious sun beating into one’s back, a good read, a quiet patio, a slight breeze, delightfully bitter coffee, a lazy afternoon prime for sitting and watching, just taking it all in?


I’m thinking of my East Coast people pummeled by an odd sleet/snowfall (before Halloween?!). You’ll be winning the weather comparison game soon enough, though, I’m predicting….
Happy Saturday- hope it’s a beautiful one!


Wee Pangs

I’m battling some homesickness (my first true bout) over here today, missing all my DC people and wishing I could join many of them in a big old rowdy reunion tonight. I’ll be alright, and I’m still grateful for and excited about what I have here, but man, I miss ’em.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends.


“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.”~Caroline Myss

My ‘hood

Reasons I’m learning to love living in this neighborhood. Hew, you done good:)






Pumpkin alert!!

Our lovely jack-o’-lanterns have turned a bit…um….fuzzy. Ew. And sad! We’ve still got many days till the actual holiday! Alas. They were lovely while they lasted…

Weekend GJ

Thanks to Oprah, Gratitude Journals have been all the rage over the past few years, and I’m someone who’s happily jumped on that bandwagon. I find that when I’m feeling particularly anxious or overly sensitive, unnecessarily negative or embarrassingly self-absorbed, there’s such a shift that occurs when I simply make a grateful list. It shoves into the light “little” things that bring me joy plus the “bigger” things that seriously make me a lucky, lucky lass. Even when I’m in a space where coming up with this list feels like a DUMB ole’ chore (“I don’t wannnnnna!”), I find that once I get going, it’s often hard to stop.

Inspired by the quote I posted here on Sunday, here’s a GJ from this past weekend.

*and yes, I know that I still owe a Twilight tour full recap. It’s coming. Promise:)

~Family (near and far). Thankfully technology is amazing at minimizing the miles.

~Friends who basically are family.

~Sinking into a slower rhythm. Making time for lazy lie-ins (with no alarms set!), long lakeside strolls and DIY yoga, carry-out meals, “Storage Wars” marathons, couch surfing and music listening in company that just feels like home.


~Whimsy. (Awesome newspaper print nails done by KL!)

~Channeling youthful creativity.

~Apple cider vinegar that is maybe (I pray?) helping to alleviate some of my pesky sinus headaches.

~Unexpected SUN that makes me want to bolt outside every time I spy its sneaky presence.

~”Things are happening”-type situations. Whenever one opportunity falls through, another seems to present itself. It keeps me hopeful.

~Beautiful, vibrant autumn.

~Halloween candy. Kit Kats mmmmmm.

~Spontaneity! A last-minute viewing of the new “Footloose” remake last night. Aside from questionable dialogue and the huge Kevin Bacon void, I actually rather enjoyed it! I love the cinema, and it’s such a rare treat these days.

~Exploring new places and new spaces.

What’s in your GJ this week? Hopefully, heaps of good things.

Couldn’t we all…

…use this reminder every once and awhile?

I know that some days/weeks/months this is easier than others.

But we just gotta


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