X-Country Trip Day 3, Final Stretch: Seattle,WA!

During the last hour of my epic ride, the Puget Sound views were lovely, and I chatted with a super nice guy who lives in Vancouver, Washington, and works on freight trains. He kindly welcomed me to my new home as the familiar city sights (and a few hobo camps set up near the tracks) came into view.


Then I saw the BEST sight yet. My brother collecting me at the station:)! Yay!!


We got on our merry way after a wee baggage snafu–my bags, which had arrived from Chicago a few days before me, were nowhere to be found AND I’d misplaced my baggage tags in my delirious exhaustion. Oops. But thankfully, the tallest man on earth (not to be confused with my favorite band of the moment) was very helpful and disappeared somewhere in the back and returned with my three hunka-huge bags a few minutes later. He took my word that the bags belonged to me too, phew. (Naturally, I found the tags this morning.)

Once back at the Eastlake ‘guesthouse’ that has so kindly taken me in yet again, we feasted on this deliciousssss and special brunch prepared by KL. Some signs greeted me too:) I’m a lucky, lucky lass to have such loving homes on both coasts. I’m beyond grateful.



After being showered (hallelujah!), napped and fed, I relished a fresh-air stroll with my brother on one of our favorite waterside loops. It feels really nice to be back in this place:)




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