Saw this “coping” list the other day and liked it.

What are your tricks for cheering up during sad or bad or just plain *blah* spells?

Things that put some pep in my step this week have included:

~tea, coffee, any warm ‘n’ cozy drink, really

~music, music, music

~reaching out. Job-wise, friend-wise, family-wise. Even if I fear I lack the energy to initiate, keeping in mind that good ole Universal Law of Attraction.

~movement (runs, walks, elliptical, anything that gets the blood flowing and the thoughts shifted)

~today, a multi-hour visit with a dear college pal whose spirit is so lovely and pure and supportive and uplifting that I can’t help but remember life is good. Really good.

~guilty pleasure boob tube. My latest vice: Hart of Dixie. Show me a sappy story set in the sweet South, and I’m a happy gal.

~collage-making! These days they call them “vision boards,” but I reckon adolescent Mitch and I were onto something way back when when we regularly covered my parents’ kitchen floor in magazine cut-outs and pasted to our hearts’ content. Sure, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Luke Perry and Christian Bale stole the limelight in those days, but I still find there is something so calming and therapeutic when it comes to putting together the puzzle pieces of a creative collage.

What lifts your spirits as we plunge into darker, colder months?

The process:

The result:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karalee
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 23:12:23

    Loved our fun art project, GFF! Sorry I’ve had such a crazy week, otherwise we would’ve had more fun girl nights to distract from the funk. At least we each have a pretty new vision board to show for it. 🙂


  2. Hansie
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 14:55:48

    Yoga/pranayama and Hoarders marathons


    • travelcorx
      Dec 01, 2011 @ 16:18:48

      Good ones, Hansy! Storage Wars is my personal go-to, but pick your poison, really:) I was just thinking of you yesterday cos I had a quick stopover in Denver. I saw THE most amazing sunset ever over the snow-capped peaks as we were taking off- ahhhhh. How are you?


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