In between

When I first arrived in DC two weeks ago, I was half still here in Seattle/half there, happy happy happy to be home. Slowly, gradually, I morphed into being fully present there in the DC/VA scene, remembering the rhythm of that life and the rhythm of those people.

I even slid back into my old shoes, literally, finding myself (Twilight Zone-style) sitting at those very desks and typing on those very computers where I once worked for five years of my life. That temporary re-enactment was sometimes good, often stressful, mostly surreal and, above all, wonderful confirmation that I made the leap/change at the exact moment I should have. I am grateful to have been given that unexpected perspective. That gentle reassurance.

After a week of hard work, whirlwind social visits and too little sleep, I allowed myself to totally decompress for the second week I was home. I was lazy and indulgent. I fell back into old routines and old behaviors (admittedly, not all ones I’m 100% proud of…why does that inevitably happen? It frustrates me to no end.). I ate well and slept soundly and relished time with my beloved parents and friends (those who actually still live there, that is…I feel such a void when I walk around those city streets and remember the mass exodus that befell our tightly-knit crew this past spring/summer. It still makes my head spin, to be honest. ).

All last week, I was busy visiting and being visited. I was thrilled to see some people I care about thriving and sad/concerned to see others struggling. The only thing constant in life is change.

Now I am back in Seattle–happy to be here, but of course, missing those from home. Half here, half there.

Two homes. A blessing and a curse, at times.

I was greeted last night with open arms (and heaps of Thai noodles), and today I’m being productive and indulgent back in the coffee shop zone that now feels so familiar to me. Mostly, it feels really good to be here.


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  1. Karalee
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 15:56:13

    We sure are glad you’re back! And glad you had such a nice trip back east. 🙂


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