Wacky Wednesday

It’s a weird week. Many people I know are vacationing in wonderful places down south, and I miss them. This is more solo time than I’ve had in eons, and it has had its ups and downs. With some big decisions and next steps hanging in the balance, it’s a tricky time to feel alone. (On some level all the solitude is probably good too, though.)

This week I’ve consumed buckets of tea and caught up on many a-Netflix and long distance calls. I conducted a weird phone interview. I sent some weird story pitches. I find myself seeking words of wisdom and inspiration any place I can. (But then I get bored with myself, with all this seriousness. Ay yi yi! Where’s the lightness and laughing and fun?? I seemed to have misplaced those temporarily….)

Sunday night I had vivid dreams about wild winds; I woke up to a text Monday morning from my mom warning me of high gusts headed this way. The weather here yesterday was nothing short of bizarre: fluctuating between brilliant sun and fast-falling snow and accented with a freak, mid-afternoon power outage (ack, with no flashlights in sight!).

There have been highlights too, like a Guster-gone-acoustic concert Monday night and burritos & sangria anoche at one of my favorite Cap Hill eateries.

Truth be told, visions of blossoms and blue skies back east are tugging at my heart strings this week, but I’m reminding myself to be patient (in more ways than one). I find myself longing to be in Austin or Buenos Aires or anywhere sunny and carefree, bustling and full of flavor.

So in an attempt to become a less kooky and a little more balanced, here’s something inspiring:

And something fun, an interview with my man Sean from LS (I love when really, really  talented people also happen to be really quality people:)):

Happy Wacky Wednesday, y’all. Please soak up some sun, eat an ice cream and sip a tropical cocktail on my behalf!


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