Easter Zen

I returned from this past weekend feeling so calm and so centered…Re-inspired and reinvigorated, in ways I hadn’t for quite some time. Hallelujah. I am trying to pinpoint exactly why and how (to hold onto those things and bring them more consistently into the fold).


The answer? I think there are many. Here are some of the things that contributed to the loveliness of my Easter weekend getaway to Portland:
~I got to ride the train! I love the train. I find few better places to get lost in the music, those clouds, these thoughts. Our route from Seattle to Portland hugged the coast much of the time, and the scenery was stunning. Riding the rails reminds me of my decadent European student days, my stretches of carefree backpacking months around the globe and now, thanks to the events of last fall, of a cross-country adventure that symbolized so much more than my physical movement across the width of America.
~The companionship of old friends. And those who feel like old friends. Such laughter. Joy. Sheer ease. People who are home.
~Good food. (Healthy food, too, for the most part!) Housemade granola, avocado smoothies, Greek yogurt/fruit concoctions, steak grilled on the barbie, pineapple boats, fish dishes accented with spices R lugged back from India, bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream encased in fudge shells, coffee brewed using makeshift “River India”-style techniques:)
~Distance from the computer and phone. Unattached to email and Facebook and texts and all those pesky communication devices that are, yes, sometimes necessary and often nice. But to be honest, they also drain me, and often leave me feeling quite depleted.
~Being surrounded by people who are kind, supportive, good-natured, light-hearted and most importantly themselves. Folks who’ve figured out what works for them so that they unapologetically put themselves in certain situations, surrounded by certain people, who help them thrive. This also means that, when together, we are who we are, and no one is judged. Our wee crew this weekend was flexible and go-with-the-flow, but also freely expressed preferences and took solo breaks or naps or early bedtimes or whatever seemed necessary. And that was just fine. No hidden agendas, no hurt feelings. Being mindful of others’ needs but also of our own.
~The stirring of my semi-dormant wanderlust. Exploring a new city and being immersed in numerous, fascinating travel talks, reminded me of what gets my heart beating a little faster and my ears perked a little higher. My senses felt heightened, and the possibilities once again felt limitless. As A summarized, it is so inspirational to be in the presence of people who first live their lives according to their dreams, and secondly figure out the logistics of how they’ll actually get there.
~SUN! We totally lucked out with the weather. Large doses of Vitamin D always win. The weather out here is a constant topic of conversation; I am as guilty as the next. It is hard at times, I admit that (especially during the past month). It is something that perhaps Pacific NW natives do not even fully see. And how could they? This is all they’ve ever known. But by the time Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies make an appearance, my body, my soul, my genetic make-up, crave and expect brilliant sun beams, warmer temps, tees and flops, BBQs and patios, trees and blossoms that explode into hopeful, colorful bursts. Instead here, while the rest of the country seems to dip their dancing toes in the sweet promise of summer, we cruise along in a jerky holding pattern. (And some days, this feels like it might last for an eternity.) That said, I’m fully aware that weather is something relative and ever-changing. It’s a good test to determine what you can and will make of it all.
~Downton Abbey! The discovery of my new favorite show. So good. I don’t know why I was holding out for so long. We all got hooked.
~Time in the grass, barefoot. Lazily lounging on blankets next to a wee field of daffodils, watching the breeze rustle the tip-tops of the trees. Chatty birds tweeting overhead, train sounds echoing in the distance. Reconnecting with our inner children who so often took the time for such simple pleasures. Relaxin’, maxin’, chillin’, finding time to just be.
All in all, it was good. 🙂 And just what I needed. What’s making you feel more alive these days?

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. funnelcloudrachel
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 10:10:48

    Ahhh, I love love love train travel, too, and definitely need to do it more often. The train may have been the most relaxing part of my weekend (I admit I love the Quiet Car), as the excitement and frenetic energy of NYC left me returning home to DC exhausted!


    • travelcorx
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 22:24:29

      I know, isn’t it the best?? Too bad it’s so pricey sometimes in this country, but still worth the occasional splurge… Hope you had a great trip to NY!


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  3. emcool
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 12:16:42

    What a great recap! I am so sorry I did not join you guys on the phenomenal Portland visit. I am green with envy at your time together barefoot in the sun with fantastic food and people! It is a great reminder to surround yourself by those you embrace your best qualities– just unapologetically YOU!


    • travelcorx
      Apr 17, 2012 @ 13:38:16

      Thank you! We missed you heaps, but honestly, don’t beat yourself up about not joining. You made the best decision for you at that time, remember that:) Can’t wait to reunite soon on your lovely island!! xx


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