Moving Day

*Standing at point A, looking across the water to Point B, aka my soon-to-be Fremont home.*

Moving days, by nature, are hectic and sleep-deprived, reflective and a bit of an emotional jumble.

Currently, this is me.


*Nostalgic about leaving Eastlake. Thrilled to move beyond Eastlake. Grateful for what this Eastlake nest has given me over the past many months.

*Sad about what might have been. Excited about what might be. Determined to live in a more permanent, accepting and mindful space of “where I am/whatever I’m doing right now is the best place to be, because it is where I am.” (Grass-is-greener, be gone.)

*Shaken to the core by real-life, earth-shattering diagnoses (and feeling helpless for relatives affected directly by the surreal news).

*All at once surfing fleeting moments of loneliness and even more moments where I feel so very loved, supported and buoyed (and more on the verge of belonging to a community than I have felt since relocating).

*So thankful to live in a place where people are kind. (And where I’ve experienced so much unexpected kindness, from strangers especially, in the past little while.)

*Grateful to have things on the go, a real shift in energy on the receiving end. To have downtime and manageable deadlines and a schedule I control, yet to also feel a real sense of purpose and drive.

(*Amused that Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is still one of my most favorite guilty-pleasure happy songs. Ha. Should I be embarrassed to admit this? I’m also beyond chuffed that my new 23-year-old apartment manager just gave me a copy of a reggae CD he burned. See? The kindness, it’s everywhere once you look for it…)

Did you all have a happy 4th? I sure did, and summer even arrived a day EARLY (since all Seattleites claim summer doesn’t typically show up till July 5th). What a lovely surprise.

Here’s to moving on, new beginnings, transitions, hopefulness, reserves of strength, summer fun, kind people, news that’s good and independence!


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