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Bound for the island! Ah, travel. What do y’all have on tap for the weekend? Enjoy!





Background noise

Do you ever notice how, when you’re already feeling a bit anxious, the world seems to be suddenly filled with aggravating noises? (For example, early this morning, loud hammer pounding outside my window; yesterday at the library in the midst of a stressful work-related email exchange, a man near me making too-loud, unpleasant guttural noises in conjunction with a woman sobbing and screeching into her phone about having all her possessions taken away and her being in the midst of a nervous breakdown.) I realize that I have control over how much I tune into or tune out of these exterior distractions. Herein lies the challenge…

So this morning, I’m attempting to fill my space with the Pandora Christmas station along with Brandi’s song “The Story,” which I can’t get out of my head after seeing her perform alongside the Seattle Symphony in a holiday-decked Benaroya Hall Sunday evening.

A few scenes from my weekend.

Friday night was a fun one. In the same Ballard bar, packed with some old friends and some new, I saw this:

And then this (gotta love poignant bathroom stall graffiti):

Some blue skies and SUN allowed for some nice runs, bike rides and wanders:

The holidays are coming! My hood has gone festive, and I think she looks lovely:)

Have a wonderful day, friends, filled with pleasant background noises.

The Guru


Thanksgiving Eve (& link love)

Today, I am grateful for cozy morning routines. (Not every morning is like this, but when they are….ahhhhh.)

Oatmeal with blueberries.
Steaming cuppa.
Fluffy moccasin slippers.
Fab tunes (today: Pickwick).
Rolling morning clouds.
Email check-in.
Blogs that nourish.

Some of my go-tos:

Brilliant writer (even on topics to which I can’t relate), personal NoVa connection. (This chica is on the way to the BIG-time!)

Great photos, thoughts I often relate to.

Daily photos (by my friends and yours truly:)).

A heart-on-her-sleeve New Yorker.

Childhood friend, BURSTING-with-talent photographer/artist.

Two very straight-forward troves of wisdom:

Kate S


Tiny Buddha

What blogs make you smile/think/gawk on a regular basis?

Happy Thanksgiving eve, fellow Americans! Get those stretchy pants ready:)

(Here’s a wee bit of random Scottish humo(u)r for yous! HA)

Tuesday Thanks

The morning began oh so well. After a rocky night of sleep, I woke up early to enjoy a lovely yoga session with a wonderful teacher (a new fave, I reckon!) in that beautiful space I lauded on this blog yesterday. The tranquil flicker of candlelight. The gentle strum of a sitar soundtrack. The splashing of the morning sun (sun!) high on the the studio wall. The comradery of sleepy, half-conscious folks bending in unison to together garner strength and energy for the day ahead.

Yet a bit later on, the little life pests and unsolicited critics came out, throwing obstacles on a few of my day’s paths. The naysayers, the non-believers, those trying to squash, defeat, deplete (maybe not the ultimate intention, but..). Since I was already feeling a little wobbly, I let the words affect me. I felt stung. I counterattacked. I doubted for a second, too. I deeply regret all of this.

So today, I focus on gratitude for listening to my own inner compass, to the deep-down belief and trust that this, that I, won’t steer me wrong. (Let others say what they will.)

When I’m trusting and being myself…
everything in my life reflects this
by falling into place easily, often miraculously.
~Shakti Gawain

Do you have a Tuesday Thankful?
(Two more days till turkey and stuffing feast!!)

Washed away

In the Pacific NW, we are wet. Soggy. Damp. Chilled. Swept away. Days and days and days of rain. For the most part, I’ve been keeping a surprisingly zen and cozy mindset through it all.
(It’s tea season! And apparently chocolate season too….oops.)

However, I will admit that just now, when I looked at the next week’s forecast, my heart plummeted in my chest. Ugh. So I’m blasting reggae in my wee apartment and thinking it’s time for some Turkey Day Week Gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for:
YOGA and my neighborhood studio–a bright, airy (yellow!) space in which to clear my mind, challenge my body and feel part of a kind, welcoming community.

(I LOVE this piece of art in the studio.)

What are you grateful for today?

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly.”
~Tony Robbins

Photo, tunes, words


Things are on the go over here this week–socially, professionally–things seem to be happening. It’s good.

I’m currently baking in a coffee shop window. After being forced to consume 8 million mugs of warming tea in the past couple weeks, though, I cannae complain. It’s a nice change.

Per usual, TNH knows best:

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”~Thich Nhat Hanh

One of my favorite, recent Pandora discoveries:

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