Thanksgiving Eve (& link love)

Today, I am grateful for cozy morning routines. (Not every morning is like this, but when they are….ahhhhh.)

Oatmeal with blueberries.
Steaming cuppa.
Fluffy moccasin slippers.
Fab tunes (today: Pickwick).
Rolling morning clouds.
Email check-in.
Blogs that nourish.

Some of my go-tos:

Brilliant writer (even on topics to which I can’t relate), personal NoVa connection. (This chica is on the way to the BIG-time!)

Great photos, thoughts I often relate to.

Daily photos (by my friends and yours truly:)).

A heart-on-her-sleeve New Yorker.

Childhood friend, BURSTING-with-talent photographer/artist.

Two very straight-forward troves of wisdom:

Kate S


Tiny Buddha

What blogs make you smile/think/gawk on a regular basis?

Happy Thanksgiving eve, fellow Americans! Get those stretchy pants ready:)

(Here’s a wee bit of random Scottish humo(u)r for yous! HA)


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