Flatwarming + Home Sweet Home


Last night, I played hostess for the first time in a long time. It felt good. I was due a wee flatwarming (since I moved in here last July!), and the festive holiday season felt the perfect time to arrange one.

I’d forgotten how much work hosting can be, but I also forgot how much I love it–welcoming others into my home, sharing my space, connecting people, seeing all my various worlds intertwine. I love learning about unknown connections already there, seeing who (sometimes unexpectedly) clicks with whom, and what conversations are born out of first-time meetings and years-later reunions.


I’ve also been reflecting on where I was at this time last year–still freshly new to this place, finding my footing, feeling quite wobbly on an unsure path, living in someone else’s home (as wonderful as that was) and jumping at any ole invitation I received (feeling that I couldn’t afford to not take people up on each and every offer to hang out). People said it would take a year (at least) to truly make friends and to feel settled into a new city. I reckon they were right.


Tonight I’m feeling very grateful for this cozy home (my own own home) that feels very much me and for the still-expanding community I’ve gradually built here consisting of awesome, funny, thoughtful, unique, quirky, varied friends.

Wishing you all cozy Sunday evenings in your homes, wherever they may be.


I’m loving this quote these days. It’s a wonderful reminder, non?

“Hang in there. It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.”~Frances Hodgson Burnett


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