Simple, right?

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Friday Hodgepodge

This week I’ve been a bit introspective (and at times also quite sad). I could blame the gray (or February in general), but I also like to think that I usually feel this way when I’m in the midst of a shift–on the cusp of some sort of emotional/spiritual growth.

Some really fun things happened this week, too, like many quality catch-ups over tea, beer and bahn mi, and Tuesday I attended a spontaneous dinner party during which we looked up our astrological rising moon signs over delicious plates of elk stir-fry (so very Pacific NW, non:)?). It was great fun. I’ve been seeing a good deal of theater these past weeks (which is great!), and I’ve been easing my way back into physical activeness (canal runs, a beach bike ride and many hours logged on the yoga mat in my favorite yellow studio).

Recently, I’ve been:

*Listening to this (LOVE)

*and watching precious bluegrass talents like these guys:

Nectar Bluegrass

*Contemplating doing this (next Friday–could be a good way to kick off my birthday weekend!)

*Getting back into watching great docs like this one:


*Indulging (still, oops):


*Trying hard to believe this:


Any great finds on your end as of late?

HAPPY happy weekend, friends.

Word masters


“I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”~T.S. Eliot

Gentle persistence



Some days…

…I eat a wee bit of chocolate with  my brekkie. Whatever.

Happy Sunday, friends.

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.” – Iris Murdoch’s protagonist in The Sea, The Sea


Let the Journey Begin



Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin.
– Francesca da Rimini

Sending Out an SOS: Information/Connection Overload

Recently, my phone is driving me batty. It’s been building for awhile now and is only getting worse/more embarrassing with time. I think I’ve officially reached a point where an intervention (+ some action) is needed. Stat. I realize that it’s not my iPhone per se that’s gradually pushing me closer to the looney bin, but rather my dependence upon/addiction to it. (For the record, this was always my biggest fear as I held out on getting a smartphone far longer than the average Joe).

On certain days, my phone now has the tendency to make me feel anxious and sometimes completely, unjustifiably unhappy. This sounds so silly, I know. I also know that this is hardly a novel complaint–so many of us are suffering from social media overload and the overwhelm that comes along with being forever connected. I love that my phone allows me to feel closer to friends and family who are so far away. But I hate that it sometimes feels as though I’m light-years removed from the present…from the here and now. I fear it’s making me miss out on life.

So, how to remedy this situation? What changes can I realistically make (and more importantly keep) to break these pesky habits?

Yesterday, I conducted a little experiment in which I made myself keep my phone turned off throughout the duration of my 15-minute walk home from yoga. These are a few of the things I saw, sites that I realized I would’ve missed entirely, had I had my eyes turned downward and my head buried in my teeny-tiny scrolling screen:

~a kid’s charmingly scribbly, handmade Valentine’s sign hanging in the Italian cafe’s window

~a minuscule hummingbird buzzing about in the bushes

~a school playground (that I had never even noticed, despite walking this street on a near-daily basis) that was filled with entertaining kiddos like a wiggly, dancing ham of a kid in a Where’s Waldo tee and a youngster with the biggest fro I’ve seen in ages

~a landscaping van that read “Garden of Weedin'”

**This makes me think: what else have I been oblivious to in my path? What other opportunities might I be letting pass me by?

It’s time for action.

If you have any tips for me on how to effectively disconnect from time to time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, I’m thinking that these words of wisdom from the  zen habits blog (see below) are a great place to start. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Here’s hoping we can all tune in to the magic right in front of our eyes.

“Single-task. I’ve written numerous times in the past about single-tasking vs. multitasking, but I think people multitask now more than ever. People text while on the train, while walking, while driving. They tweet and post to Facebook and Instagram, they email and read blogs and news, they watch videos while getting things done, they watch TV while eating, they plan their day while doing chores. This is a great way to cause a level of anxiety that runs through everything you do, because you’re always worried you should be doing more, doing something else. What if, instead, you just did one thing, and learned to trust that you shouldn’t be doing anything else? It takes practice: just eat. Just wash your bowl. Just walk. Just talk to someone. Just read one article or book, without switching. Just write. Just do your email, one at a time, until your inbox is empty. You’ll learn that there is peace in just doing one thing, and letting go of everything else.”



{Spotted on today’s walk, taped to a drain pipe, in honor of yesterday’s holiday}

Easing Back

Hi! Sorry that I’ve been on a wee blogging hiatus. I’ve been a busy bee back home in DC/Va these past couple weeks. It was a wonderful if jam-packed trip–somewhat for work, somewhat for pleasure. More on those adventures soon.

Although I’m always excited to come back “home” to the gorgeous PacNW and my community here, it’s always super tough to leave home home too.

{Wishing I could share a cuppa with my mum this a.m.:)}


So this morning I’m easing back into yoga, to work, to good health, to life organization–trying to be kind to myself as I navigate the precarious suspended state between the two coasts and between all the people I love and miss.

I’m relishing this Oprah quote I stumbled upon last week.

“You have two choices: You can come down from the mountain and spend the rest of your days thinking it was so beautiful there, or you can create a vision, look upward, see the next mountain, and start the climb all over again.”~Oprah

I hope you all have wonderful days! Be good to each other (and yourselves).