Luck o’ the Irish

Often, life is zany. Unpredictable. Just wild.

In some ways, I haven’t been feeling the luckiest recently (on the frustratingly slow work front, for example); in other ways, I couldn’t feel luckier (like the incredible outpouring of love  and generosity I felt on my birthday this past Sunday).

But the wildest stroke of random “luck” to come my way this past week??

Next Wednesday, I’m going to Ireland! For St. Patrick’s Day! (And walking in the parade!)

For those who don’t know, I LOVE IRELAND.


Long story short: My friend’s dad entered a contest. He won. (Seriously, who ever actually wins these things?? I thought that only happened in movies, to be honest.) He doesn’t want to go. She does. She invited me to accompany her. How could I say no?

Sometimes, life is really, really funny. Expect the unexpected, as they say.

Cheers, friends!

**”Life is a great big canvas,
and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”
– Danny Kaye**


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