Don’t worry about losing your way. If you do, pain will remind you to find your path again. Joy will let you know when you are back on it.~Martha Beck


For whatever reason, I’ve lost my way this week. (So soon after your amazing, lucky Irish adventure, you ask? Yes, I know… I know.)

It’s been a tough one. A few fun gatherings have happened, some good things are falling into place, the flowers have popped, the sun has shone, and yet…Yet.

I’ve just felt off (physically and mentally). I’ve been swimming upstream—fighting the current, fighting myself, fighting what is. It’s been absolutely exhausting.

So I’ve gone back to my arsenal—yoga, family, amazing friends, long emails and phone chats full of wise & patient counsel, long walks, culture doses, healthy eating, brainless trash TV, the sage words (read and re-read) of some of my favorite bloggers and authors. I’m getting there. I’m surfacing. I’m looking more at the root of it all—which is hard. I guess we just have to believe that each time we dive a little deeper into the dark, we’ll emerge a little higher into the light— more in line with where we ultimately want to be.

The ebbs and flows, eh?

Here’s something/someone who never fails to bring me joy:)



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