Sometimes, it’s the….

…little things:

*I walked a different street in my neighborhood. (Just ever so slightly different than the usual route, yet what a new perspective it gave.)

*I pulled out/dusted off my old-school clock radio, so I will now listen to KEXP in my kitchen on a regular basis.

*I scored my lamp a new lil’ table-home from a going-to-Goodwill-if-not-claimed pile in my lobby.

*I discovered that Trader Joe’s stocks awesome 99-cent cards. (I love sending real mail; I hate paying $5 for Hallmark cards.)

*I finally donated a mound of favorite clothing pieces that carried with them such wonderful memories but also too much wear. It was time.

*I said no to that thing (those things) I just didn’t want to do. Just cos.

*I called back those friends I’d been meaning to ring. For forever.

*I went for a bike ride (after ages of not) on a leaf-covered, tree-canopied trail.

How have your weekends been?



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