Goin’ With The Flow

Last week, nothing seemed to be flowing. Nada. Do you ever have those weeks? Every stinkin’ little thing I tried to do felt a bit harder than it should have…It was raining cats and dogs, my congestion was otherworldly, my electronics were kink-filled, and my work scene was rife with convoluted miscommunications (you guys would not even believe…), dizzying circles and frustrating dead ends.

This week, though: the sun is OUT, the mountains are showing themselves, I feel better rested + more healthily fed (=more energy overall) and, praise be, my writing is feeling inspired and more creative than it has in eons. I’ve also somehow managed to spend time with so many of my favorite, favorite Seattle people this past week (with more fun hangouts on tap for the weekend!). I repeat, I know some really good people.

Sometimes the puzzle pieces just effortlessly fall into place. At the moment, I’m riding along with the flowing current and enjoying the ride. (And it doesn’t hurt knowing that HOME is on the horizon so super soon:)) How have your weeks been?

Happy weekend, y’all!

Image                           [I have yet another friend/fellow wanderluster launching off to travel the world next week (!). Today I got to catch up with her over an alfresco coffee, as sweet Griff looked on. Couldn’t you just eat him up? He’s the best.]

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