Kept On Our Toes (Who Ever Knows?!)

photo 1

Recently, I feel like have a lot to say—and yet not so much. It all changes so often, so quickly, that by the time I sit down to put pen to paper, it’s already shifted. Onto the next. Ever-evolving. (Which is a good reminder, in those moments that feel tough.)

I started this post (below) weeks ago, but I don’t have the energy to finish it right now. Hopefully soon. (Sometimes it feels silly to even post something that already feels like last month’s news. Often, I can barely relate to the words I’ve rather recently strung together.)

Today I’m feeling a little battered (from an endoscopy I had yesterday). Today, I just needed to take it slow…with plenty of time for fresh air and bright sun and reaching out to others for a little reassurance, a little TLC.

photo 2

Tonight, I just needed no obligations, some quiet, some steaming pho, a phone chat with one of my oldest friends. I took these pictures on the winding walk home.

photo 3

photo 4


The past few weeks have certainly been atypical ones—full of emotional extremes. First, I won an AWESOME weekend getaway to Vancouver Island several weekends ago. THANK you, Tourism Victoria!

(I used to feel like I never won anything. But after Dublin and now Victoria, I certainly cannae complain. I am so grateful. Let’s keep this up!)

The weekend was a surreal VIP experience. Good people, good laughs, good food, good drink, GOOD pampering (I’m talkin’: a spectacular float plane ride, two-story penthouse with Parliament views from bed, private in-room dinner, decadent 90-minute massage, coupons for fun meals in tasty locales, and on and on and on. Can we say spoiled? I loved every minute of it and took not one second of the weekend for granted.)

Then, I arrived home that Sunday night to the surreal news that one of my dearest Seattle friend’s boyfriend’s had been in an avalanche while backcountry skiing that day. At that point he was still stuck on the mountain (and had been for hours). We knew very little information except that he was badly injured, in the midst of slowly being rescued, but most importantly, we knew that he was alive. Needless to say, it was a long and upsetting evening that we’ve all probably yet to truly process. (Update: he is very, very lucky, and he will be fine. Bones will heal, and while the road to recovery will no doubt be long, he is currently working on getting better and stronger at a foreclosed, abandoned mansion (!) with my friend over on the Eastside of the city. I’ll be visiting their palatial grounds this Sunday for the first time. This horrible near-catastrophe has suddenly turned into a bizarre little mini-adventure for them. Funny how life works sometimes, eh?)

After that, I went to the Arizona desert for a blissfully lazy and relaxing, family-filled week that was just what the doctor ordered. It was really, really great, just really special. Thank you, M & D 🙂 (Post on that coming soon.)

I came back to Perfect 10 Seattle weather, which realllly helped the re-entry to non-poolside life. Thank you, Mother Nature 🙂

photo (80)

I don’t know what the hell is going on…and that’s okay.”~ Martha Beck, Growing Wings: The Power of Change


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