Morning Routine (Thoughts on Scandi Vacay, Part I)

In Katrin’s garden, there is time and space to ease into the day, as it should be done.

Bare toes on soft earth. Gentle yogic stretching on fleece blanket bathed in morning rays. Birds chirping, butterflies bopping, cats prowling.
There is time to journal and think and zone and thank before dipping into endless scrolling through texts, emails, memes, distractions, photos & recordings of lives that are not my own.

Gradually we rise, convene, assemble—filling pitchers, gathering dishes, laying out a hodgepodge spread on the alfresco tablecloth of nutty breads, bowls of fruit and packets of meat, plus smooth toppings (butter, Nutella and that delightfully thick local honey that slowlllly cascades over the edge of your spoon).

The day starts with intention and presence, gently reinforcing just how good this life can be—how really, really, really good it already is.

This trip reminded me there is magic all around. (I always know, but I tend to forget more often than I’d care to admit…) I’m tuned back into the *awe* at the moment (thank you, Travel!), and I’m not stopping the search now.




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