The Air Up There: Boston->Seattle edition

The thing about travel, is that it reminds me that people are good. The tattooed Bostonian seatmate with the accent as thick as chowda who offers to take down my bulky baggage from the overhead bin. The Cape Cod grandma who excitedly chats my ear off, en route to Madrona to see her son, his partner and their two brand-new twins. My kind Uber driver from Morocco who openly admits his family has been so worried about his safety after learning of the mosque shooting from far across the miles.

It gets me away from the headlines and the dizzying social media swirl that is desperately trying (and failing) to keep up accurately with these scary and infuriating times in which we find ourselves flailing.


This movement across various landscapes—so different and yet so much the same—reminds me that America is suited business people from around the globe gathering for a mid-workday meal of creamy curry. It’s still-bright-eyed 20-somethings, bellied up alongside run-down 40-somethings, grabbing post-office cocktails to unload the weight of the day (or week or month or year…). It’s a sleepy seaside village in the country’s Northeast corner, lit up with the warm glow of a setting winter sun.

The world, you see—it keeps on spinning.

It’s people like me, like you, living real, everyday lives in the midst of this madness. A comforting glimpse of the minutiae, the mundane routine that I must remember, in spite of the big picture that currently carries a darkness so heavy it’s often hard to know where to look.

(*and as I type this, I whole-heartedly acknowledge the incredible, fortunate luxury I have of simply choosing to look away when I need a break from it all.)


I’m on a flight from Boston to Seattle, ironically reading Pico Iyer—a personal hero’s—short book “The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere.” My five (yes, five) trips of January were distinctively different, social, active, productive, invigorating, tedious, tiring, delicious and fun. It’s been a multitasking whirlwind, and I’ve seen so many people I hold dear. And for that I’m always, always so grateful.

And now, I’m craving a little quiet.

A little stillness.

A little PNW Zen.

Happy February, friends.


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