Unfiltered Year-End Ramblings

I don’t know what I want to say about my 2018 intentions yet, except that—once and for all—I want to get out of my head and into my life. The story spinning is getting old, and the holding myself back is no longer an attractive option. Resisting what is causes way too much unnecessary suffering, and the continuation of habits that don’t make me feel good (too much phone time, for example!) must look downright masochistic to an outside eye…

Much of this year has been great. Really great. I am beyond beyond beyond grateful for family and friends and health and travels and steady work (the majority of the time) and a cozy little home nest I typically enjoy. Spectacular highlights ranged from getting so many visitors here in Seattle (my favorite thing) and reuniting with Hewy and Karalee in the Faroe Islands this September (pure magic!), to spending Christmas with the entire family here in the beautiful PNW, with a surprise dumping of holiday-time snow (so special).

If I’m being honest, though, other parts of this year felt hard. The news headlines are terrifying, an unhinged, despicably heartless Grinch is supposedly running our country, and many people I love dearly have been going through really tough things (which affects me to a degree I sometimes don’t realize). I didn’t have very clear aims going into the year and often felt like I was waffling. Stuck. Spinning.

Perhaps this post has negative undertones since I’m writing it in the depths of winter when I’ve admittedly been feeling a bit blue (plus I’m missing my family something terrible right now). But I will say that I feel the hope slowly returning to the surface, and I know that I must change my ‘tude in order for the New Year to deliver all I hope it will.

I’m sifting through so many reflections and projections this weekend as we prepare to flip the calendar page…All I can say for now, though, is that I know I wish for:

-more human connection
-more time away from the screen
-more music
-more reading
-more global travel
-more healthy habits (like morning meditation + daily journaling)
-more fulfilling work projects
-more time in nature
-more cooking at home
-more vulnerability and real talk
-more addressing the root of emotions and issues
-more self-care
-more lightness
-more laughter
-more joy
-more “staying in my own lane”
-more trust in abundance
-more trust in love
-more trust in my intution
-more trust, full stop.

Sending love to all as we look back with gratitude and look ahead with hope. Roll on, 2018.