Ducks, Groundhog Day, Seattle Summer

If I could count the number of times I’ve been working on this patio as the amphibious Ride the Ducks-mobile drives by, silly quackers and hat-wearing driver and all…And I want so badly to be annoyed at the ridiculous, loud cheesiness of it all. And yet when I look up, those vacationing tourists onboard look so darn carefree and smiley (well the majority of them anyway), that I often can’t help but smirk-smile, too.

As they wait at the light in front of the statue People Waiting for the Interurban (a neighborhood fixture that locals like to dress up for holidays and birthdays and graduations and the like), the tourguide driver, like clockwork, pumps up the tunes:

“Ooga-chakka-ooga-chaka, I can’t stop this feeling…deep inside of me….”

It’s a bit like Groundhog Day, to be honest.

Ahhhh, Seattle summer, please stick around awhile longer. You are so breathtakingly beautiful, frenetic, busy, ADD, tranquil and magical—all at once.

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Bridge diver


Black Cats & Josh Ritter

I’m having a frustrating week where I feel like I’m being continually tested, when I need (pretty please) reminders/signs to trust that it’s all going to be okay.

Instead, while waiting outside for a friend last night, a black cat pranced in front of my path with a dead mouse dangling from its creepy little mouth. WTF, Universe.

Here’s a Tiny Desk Concert by the incredible Josh Ritter, who I saw perform last night on a sun-soaked zoo esplanade. I love summer.

Zoo Tunes

Zoo Tunes

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park

Things that happened today



photo 1

*I saw a bluegrass band (discovered just yesterday at Folklife Fest) in a cool Ballard brekkie spot

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

*I ate brunch (con bloody Mary) in a dog bar

*I met two young missionaries at a bus stop who wanted to sing me a song (I politely declined, in front of a large crowd of curious onlookers—all averting eye contact, knowing they were next…How exactly does one respond to such a query?!)

*I enjoyed a lovely Sunday group dinner in the foreclosed mansion where my friends are semi-squatting/glamping until C heals from his avalanche accident

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

You know, just your typical Memorial Day Sunday! What all did y’all get up to:)?

So It Goes (& Friday Tunes)

It’s been an interesting, roller coaster week. I’m excited it’s weekend. There have been a lot of shifts going on in my world (talk of people coming and going, money strains, thoughts of a future plan, etc.), and much of it has my stomach in absolute knots. I have a hard time accepting change with grace.

I’ve been up since 6-something. In this town, when the sun streams in and splashes forcefully against my bedroom walls, I just cannae miss a single minute of it. I want to bathe in its warmth. I hope to make today light and airy, to not get bogged down in the heaviness of anything. Yesterday, at the end of class, Claudette treated us to a serenade of this Irish-meets-yogic song with her ethereal voice. It was beautiful. This morning I listened to it while I ate my oatmeal, determined to not multitask (for once!) and simply taste my food and feel the sun.

Yesterday was a very USA/Uncle Sam-themed day. First I got BADdddd news while filing taxes (ARGHHH! Such exorbitant self-employment taxes!!) and cursed our government the whole way home. Then last night, I enjoyed some welcomed laughs with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages at an improv show based on the inner workings of the White House. Yin yang, happy sad, so it goes.

How have your weeks been? I leave you with some feel-good tunes—Edward Sharpe & the gang, one of the bands I’ll be seeing in the Colorado mountains at Ride Fest this summer-yeeha! I’m SO excited. Happy weekend, friends.

Silence + Chatter

There are days when I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing—how I landed here, why exactly I am here, how long I should stay here, whyyy the heck I’m self-employed, whether I’m living enough/traveling enough/helping enough/trying enough. At times I frustratingly feel like I’m forever seeking, always on a hunt, perpetually off-schedule—while some people seem to so contently glide through the routine without so much emotion, without so many stinking questions.

Some days I lose perspective, and these queries and concerns play tag in my head, and I feel exhausted. The chatter: it is tiring.

Other days, I see so clearly that these questions don’t so much matter. That whatever the heck it is I’m doing, it’s okay; I’m onto something. I’m aligning myself, bit by bit, that much more with those things and those people and that music and those experiences that resonate with my soul. Some days, I am just so beautifully tuned in.

I am getting better at listening. To the chatter and to the silence.

My life is so full, and during certain, packed weeks, there is too much to even record. When I pause and push aside those nagging lacks, those voids that occasionally rise to the surface and ‘ping!’…. I am blinded by the light of all that is already there, of all that is already GOOD.

Here’s just a mere sample of the past couple weeks (great waterside brother time, awesome press events with AFAR Media, birthday celebrations that keep on giving, a VERY impromptu Lake City Dive concert—her voice!!, kitschy tea time, stress-releasing sun runs, St. Patrick’s whimsy, and through it all….some really fantastic company).

p.s. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What’s making you feel *lucky* these days?

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photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Words, Pics, Tunes

Today, I’m digging…
THIS cartoon:
And these beautiful words:
“I have sea foam in my veins,
for I understand
the language of waves.”
~ Le Testament d’Orphee

And this guy. Ah!

Happy day, friends!

Sometimes, it’s the….

…little things:

*I walked a different street in my neighborhood. (Just ever so slightly different than the usual route, yet what a new perspective it gave.)

*I pulled out/dusted off my old-school clock radio, so I will now listen to KEXP in my kitchen on a regular basis.

*I scored my lamp a new lil’ table-home from a going-to-Goodwill-if-not-claimed pile in my lobby.

*I discovered that Trader Joe’s stocks awesome 99-cent cards. (I love sending real mail; I hate paying $5 for Hallmark cards.)

*I finally donated a mound of favorite clothing pieces that carried with them such wonderful memories but also too much wear. It was time.

*I said no to that thing (those things) I just didn’t want to do. Just cos.

*I called back those friends I’d been meaning to ring. For forever.

*I went for a bike ride (after ages of not) on a leaf-covered, tree-canopied trail.

How have your weekends been?



Got anyone you‘d like to send this to:)?


Morning meditation



Today, it came in the unexpected mode of pineapple cutting + radio listening. A very calming and pleasant process, turns out!

(Does it take anyone else like a gajillion hours to cut a pineapple, though? Got any pointers for me?)



Friday Hodgepodge

This week I’ve been a bit introspective (and at times also quite sad). I could blame the gray (or February in general), but I also like to think that I usually feel this way when I’m in the midst of a shift–on the cusp of some sort of emotional/spiritual growth.

Some really fun things happened this week, too, like many quality catch-ups over tea, beer and bahn mi, and Tuesday I attended a spontaneous dinner party during which we looked up our astrological rising moon signs over delicious plates of elk stir-fry (so very Pacific NW, non:)?). It was great fun. I’ve been seeing a good deal of theater these past weeks (which is great!), and I’ve been easing my way back into physical activeness (canal runs, a beach bike ride and many hours logged on the yoga mat in my favorite yellow studio).

Recently, I’ve been:

*Listening to this (LOVE)

*and watching precious bluegrass talents like these guys:

Nectar Bluegrass

*Contemplating doing this (next Friday–could be a good way to kick off my birthday weekend!)

*Getting back into watching great docs like this one:


*Indulging (still, oops):


*Trying hard to believe this:


Any great finds on your end as of late?

HAPPY happy weekend, friends.

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