New Year, A Not-So-New Me

I’m trying to be gentle with myself as I transition from a beautiful, carefree, three-week holiday abroad to homebound, “back-to-reality mode” (which, admittedly, is actually pretty dang good). Overall, it feels nice to be back here in the PNW—amongst these trees, these mountains, these cozy venues and these fabulous friends (whom I’ve missed!)—but man, this jet lag is killer. While I’m feeling far from rested, I will admit there’s something awesome about rising long before the sun and, consequently, enjoying an especially extended and full morning routine.

I’m back into yoga, but definitely not back into eating healthfully. I’m back into working, but definitely not back into working efficiently/non-distractedly. I’m back into brainstorming on 2015 goals and hopes and wishes and dreams, but definitely not into putting anything into practice just yet. Oh well. All that will come. Slow ‘n’ steady…right?

In the meantime, I’m indulging in too-pricey caffeinated treats and buttery scones in a coffee shop that’s currently blasting 80s throwback tunes. Whatever works:)

What’s pulling you through this first week of 2015?

Caffe Ladro sweet potato & sage scone splurge-y decadence

Caffe Ladro sweet potato & sage scone splurge-y decadence

Thankful November: Day 12

Day 12 * I’m thankful for: Blue skies. Hot tea. Steaming pho. Cold medicine. Almost-didn’t-happen runs. The magical glow that splashes the city before dusk. Imminent reunions with friends + family. Late-night writing inspiration. (Gratitude lists that are supposed to contain one item but grow + grow + grow…)

IMG_8050 (1)

Thankful November: Day 11

Day 11 * I’m thankful for: Sunny-day brunches. Salmon tartines and free-flowing coffee. Forever friends + soulful conversations.

Portage Bay Cafe=one of Seattle's brekkie gems

Portage Bay Cafe=one of Seattle’s brekkie gems

Thankful November: Day 10

Day 10 * I am thankful for: These amazing friends. Cozy dinner parties. The miracle of finding my people wherever I wander.



Thankful November: Day 5

Day 5 * I am thankful for: New cafes + coffee chats with a new writer friend.


Thankful November: Day 4

November 4 * I’m grateful for: the ability to laugh. With people and, sometimes, all on my own. At myself, at life, at the absurdities, at the funniness of it all.

A recent dim sum (un)fortune

A recent dim sum (un)fortune


“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”~Chief Seattle


Also, on that note, see this film!

I’ve been on the road a lot recently. It’s been full and beautiful and spoiled and exhausting and educational and frustrating and fun. Everything overload.

For now, I’m happily back in my Fremont bubble—absorbing and recuperating, laying low. Off to brunch with friends shortly on this quiet fall Sunday. Happy weekend, friends!

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