Weekend Magic

Home for the holidays…..manana! YEE-ha.

And let me tell ya, I am going into this Thanksgiving week grateful for a whole  heck of a lot. It’s been a really, really good past week. [Brett Dennen could not make me smile more. I just LOVE that dude. And do you know Grizfolk? I’m so excited to get to know their music better.]

Hope your weekends were filled with oodles to be thankful for, too!

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Sun Soaks & Happy 4th!

I’ve been absolutely LOVING my home these past weeks. I have to pinch myself sometimes—to remember to fully soak it all in. Very grateful.

photo-446 photo-445

HAPPY FOURTH, America! Wishing all those celebrating safe & happy festivities:) Enjoy!



Being over here on Memorial Day Weekend proves a bit rough for me (last year, and now, too. My current homebound, solitary sickness doesn’t seem to be helping…)

Instead of:

warm blue skies, pool openings, flip flops, flags, bare feet tickled by  backyard grass, pumping stereo music, barbecues with family & friends, omnipresent star-spangled Americana, vibrant sundresses, burgers on the grill, potato salad, deviled eggs, six-packs of cold beer, pitchers of lemonade

It seems to be:

gray skies, wet sidewalks, chilly air, tea, sinus infections (today, anyway. BOO)

Womp wah.

We had a glimpse of summer here, and now winter is back. This isn’t how my body rhythm works, what it expects. Something feels off, time-wise. This holiday should be spent outdoors, wrapped in the goodness of sun and annual tradition you can count on, year in and year out.

I’m trying to steer clear of Facebook and Instagram and other social media outlets that have that nasty ability to exacerbate the grass-is-greener syndrome.  I’m happy for you over there today, I really am; I just wish I was there, too.

{Photo taken earlier this weekend while exploring the incredible waterfalls of Oregon’s magnificent Columbia Gorge}




Happy, happy Mother’s Day!

The older I get, I’m finding, the more meaning holidays like Mother’s Day hold. Today, I am of course, thinking of my wonderful, amazing, fantastic mum—the absolute best in the whole wide world, I’d have to say:) (All day I was quite jealous of all the mother-daughter duos I spied walking/chatting/laughing around my ‘hood and the weekly Sunday street fair; if my parents weren’t arriving this Wednesday for a visit–hooray!!–I’d have been really, really homesick.)

But today  I am also thinking of all the motherly and maternal figures who’ve played a pivotal role in my life thus far; there have been many—the strong and wise women who’ve shown me unconditional love and support, who’ve inspired me and provided me glimpses of the kind of woman I’d like to be. I’m thinking of the friends who are first-times mums (congrats, y’all!!) and the ones who’ve just become mothers for the second, third, even fourth (!) time. I’m also thinking of those who spent this day, for the first time, without a mom with whom to brunch or stroll or even call. For them, my heart is heavy…it just aches. I want to invite them over for cuppa (or a stiff drink—their choice).

In a way, these days may be silly Hallmark traditions, yes, but they are also opportunities to pause, to reflect, to express gratitude—to not simply assume that our loved ones know just how much we love them. We get to say it out loud.

So, happy happy Mother’s Day to my staunchest, most loyal cheerleader, who time and again comforts me with tea and smile cookies and laughs and the reassurance, always, that everything will work out just fine. I love you, Marme!

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this, that & these





this sunset


that sea air


these friends



I am beginning to feel lighter again.

And for that,

I am very grateful.

Happy Easter, friends.

Here We Are

Here we are, in post-holiday winter. It’s still cold, dark and wet, yet the twinkly lights and festive buzz of last month seem to have been extinguished. The visiting families have all scurried back to their separate corners of the world, and everyone seems a little bit weighed down as we sigh our way back to the “reality” we’ve overlooked for the past wee while…

This time of year is always a bit of a challenge, isn’t it? Getting back into some sort of routine (especially for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a routine), trying to detox and cleanse from all the decadence and neglect from the past few months.

I’m chugging along over here… trying to focus on self-care and reaching out to others, especially on those days when hibernating in my own self-focused cocoon feels all that more tempting.

How are you all? Well, I hope:)

Here’s to gracefully and patiently riding the waves–the ebbs and flows–of the year to come. Hang in there, friends.


“Sometimes you just need to give in to the yuckiness of the day, throw your psychic hands up in the air and trust that tomorrow will be an improvement.”~Amy Shearn

Happy New Year!


“I live not in dreams but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

What kind of future do you contemplate today, on this last day of the year? I am feeling quiet and reflective, as I relive some highlights of 2012 (oh, and there were many!) and as I look ahead to some projected/desired/believed realities for 2013.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful New Year, bursting with the possibility of what’s to come!


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