Monday Mix


I’m beginning my trek east! Home for the holidays. YAY:)

Here are a few ditties to hopefully brighten your Monday morns. Have a good one!


The essence of wisdom is to see that there is always a solution once you realize that the mind, which seems to create so much suffering, has infinite potential to create fulfillment instead.”
— Deepak Chopra

Monday Mix

Seattle has been putting on a good show as of late. I’m reveling in it.



Recent scenes like these have been making me really happy–my cousin’s son bounding off to the first day of school and my parents helping my grandpa celebrate his 85th birthday!



There is something very hopeful lingering in the crisp fall air that’s already started to blow in. Although I’m not quite ready to let go of summer, I’m feeling optimistic about the new season ahead. Happy Monday, friends!


Monday mix

“If you want to be happy, be.”~Leo Tolstoy

I’ve been living a jumble over here these past weeks: a mixture of unwelcome anxiety, intentional deep breaths, a 21-day meditation challenge, late-night edits, story assignment shuffling….too much Mac time, carefree Seafair boat rides, a string of unbelievably sunny (and HOT, relatively speaking, days), doses of sad news mixed with heaps of wonderful news, more apartment/new ‘hood settling in, self-realizations, farmers markets….beach kayak tours at sunset, mountain gazing, Full Moon chasing, home dreaming, new friend making, coffee shopping, canal sitting, sailboat/bike lusting, IPA sipping, cocooning. (Oh, and sadly, zero Olympics watching!) I haven’t been very active here on the blog, cos I’ve honestly been grasping for words. But I think I’m emerging.

My soundtrack of the season: Fitz & the Tantrums. After seeing them at Capitol Hill Block Party, I can’t seem to get enough.

What are your anthems of the summer?

Monday Mix

This was my view for the past 36ish hours, as I hunkered down to finish an article (which I finally submitted this evening! Hooray!). Ironically, my biggest cram sessions writing-wise  have so far been on days that are ‘off days’ for everyone else. A bit flip-flopped, non? But believe me, I’m by no means complaining.


I feel my recent weeks have been such a blur–first holidays (food, drink, festivities, family), then more visitors (sightseeing, friends, food, drink, repeat) and finally meeting story deadlines (holed up with just my mind, my words and my laptop in my own lil cocoon). It’s all been really good fun, but a bit confusing at times too! (Especially to swap from 24/7 social mode to solitude/focused productive zone…)

Tonight when I finally stopped to take a breath, I tried to map out my plan of attack for tomorrow… Back to my routine, I thought! Until I realized I don’t really have a routine, a ‘normal’ here per se. Hmmm. Funny that. The curse AND beauty of being self-employed, eh? It’s odd, but refreshing too.

This video makes me so insanely happy. I just want to hang with these talents in that wee room all day long! Hope you enjoy it too:) Happy Monday, friends.

Boxing Day Monday Mix

Happy Boxing Day, y’all! Our Seattle Christmas was really nice–hope your holidays were too! Some unexpected events…
We hung with very wee, clothed dogs:



Played Rock Band in KL’s rents’ garage:


And saw a reallllly blue house:

And you:)?

Monday Mix

Hello, lovely readers. I hope you had wonderful weekends. Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away? I sure can’t (but don’t we marvel at the “unprecedented” speed of things each December?). This should not come as a surprise. The holiday tunes and soy nog are flowing at my current abode, though, and it’s great:)

A few highlights of this past weekend:

~ the biggest moon I’ve ever seen, viewed from the west side of Lake Union (it reminded me of a superimposed movie poster advertising an ancient film like Joe Versus the Volcano…)

~sand caked on my moccasin boots (thank you for that, beach bonfire:))

~enjoying my most recent library treasures (I don’t think I’ve used a library card for purposes of sheer pleasure since childhood…I’d forgotten how amazing public libraries are!!)

~an invite to a jewelry-showing/selling party at a cute little house with enormous skylights, Seattle skyline/mountain views and a friendly puggle wearing a precious “Santa’s Little Helper” tee

~surprise parcels from friends (thank you, Ellita!!) and calls from back east

~having kind souls (and there have been many!) who shuttle car-less me around spread-out Seattle. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss the Metro!!

~my first sporting event here (a sensory-overload Seattle U basketball game at Key Arena)

~inspiration from recent story assignments (yeeha!) and spoiled press adventures

~another Tractor Tavern show that crammed the stage full of funky instruments and super talented youth marked by woolly sweaters, swoopy hair and very sweet, gracious attitudes (Other Lives, check them out!)

~revisiting the French language that’s long laid dormant in my brain. Thanks to some new connections here, I’ve been pulling it back out and giving it a whirl. It feels somewhat unnatural and a bit awkward, but it’s also something that feels good to challenge myself with…

***I’d like to add a disclaimer, inspired by my amiga A’s wonderfully honest post on her blog, that things are not always as rosy as they appear in blog-land. Weekend lowlights included brief spells of worry and oversensitivity and insomnia and yada yada yada. But who wants to read about that?

In an attempt to keep many things private, other things sacred, the overall vibe positive, and the unsolicited criticism to a minimum, I typically choose to share the good with you here (because, really, there is SO much good). It is my hope that this makes for an enjoyable read, yet one not too sugar-coated.

Now, some Monday mixin’:

**Facebook: can’t live with it, can’t live without it (but, man, am I tempted to at least try…).

If you can relate, read this article.

**This morning I paused long enough to fully soak in the amazing light splashed across the backyard fence. I am so grateful for moments like this (and realize there’s no excuse for them not to come more often).

Enjoy the night, friends! We’re off to hear Annie L., photog extraordinaire, speak. I was fortunate enough to be led (by her!) around her Corcoran Gallery exhibit a few years back (one of the coolest, luckiest moments of my time at WHERE, hands down), so I look forward to hearing about her latest work on this side of the country!