Thankful November: Days 7, 8 & 9

Day 7 * I am thankful for: Saying yes to unexpected adventures.


Day 8 * Simple beauty.


Day 9 * Live music. Always, live music.


*Days like these, thank you*

When self-employment feels daunting and stressful and uncertain and cuckoo, will you pretty please remind of days like these? It’s been a mighty fine week.

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Photos of Here

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bienvenido, summer!


*So far, just a couple days in, I’m digging this summer. I simply LOVE this time of year. May it be a radiant, joyful one for us all.*

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It’s Weekend!


Truth be told, I’m still quite out of whack from last week’s emotion-packed agenda. I’m working to get grounded here again.

Yet, there’s no rest for the weary, as it’s time to gear up for my neighborhood’s huge annual to-do! There will be naked cyclists and kooks on stilts and music in the streets and BBQs on the rooftops, and I’m really looking forward to getting in on the fun.

Happy weekend, friends.

(*With warm memories of last Friday’s deck dinner, this song goes out to my Chicago family members, who are so deeply present in my thoughts and heart.)

Finding Feel-Good

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This weather has me in ridiculously good spirits (I am LOVING it). As does a steady workflow (at last!), the arrival of a fun spring package from my mom (she’s just the best), the return of a few Seattle BFFs who had been out of town, an upcoming weekend beach trip and a brief preview of the incredible Blood Moon last night, before the cloud cover took over and obscured the show.

I just jogged along the sunny Burke-Gilman, accompanied by Langhorne and a couple dozen fellow runners/bikers; I think deliciously crisp air like this—52 degrees at present—makes for the perfect running weather, even when the abundance of blooming everything threatens to send seasonal allergies into overdrive. 

I’m so, truly sorry, friends buried in snow—AGAIN!—back east, but we’re going back to rain shortly if that makes you feel any better…For now, though, I am savoring every darn second of these bright, beauty-filled days.

I’m also a sucker for feel-good video clips, and here are two recent faves that just can’t be watched without feeling moved. The first flight one had me grinning from ear to ear. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


I love that, when it’s sunny, I can choose to take the long way there, wending along the sparkling canal to soak up rich rays and the wily reflections that dance atop the water.

I love that, when it’s clear, I can follow the alternative route home, along the street that offers the best straight-on view of those nearby, snow-kissed mountains. Purple peaks that span the horizon—reminding me of what’s out there, the beauty that lies beyond. Big picture.

Nearly every time I take off on a trip, I feel sentimental beforehand about this city and for my ‘hood. I take that as a really good sign about this place I call home.

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Opposite Day

I’m afraid I’m  feeling the  180-degree opposite of motivated today, but alas, I like this quote.

“Make voyages! Attempt them! There is nothing else.”
– Tennessee Williams


Now, if you’ll excuse me….I’m off to veg out with Juan Pablo and some mates. Ciao.

Home x2

I know I’ve written on this topic before, but I realize that, two-plus years in, I am still very much learning how to navigate the tango of having two places I whole-heartedly call “home.” I am the first to admit I am still figuring out how to gracefully move through the steps of this dance—of taking the now-me back to the place where the then-me lived for so much of her life.

Home home can be complicated. So much of it is cozy and comfortable and indulgent and love-filled (reunions galore!), and I am so grateful to have “problems” like not knowing how to fit in quality time with so many people there whom I love. Even so, it’s a (sometimes draining) juggling act, especially for someone who hates to ever feel as though they’re letting anyone down.

Home can also sneak-attack upon you a lot of old “stuff.” It’s frighteningly easy to fall back into old patterns, old roles. It’s all so familiar, sometimes I swear I could hop on the orange line back to my N Street apartment; for fleeting moments, I forget I have built an entire life out here waiting for my return. It’s odd. I see things with new eyes—a bit differently now, and I can relate to certain things/mentalities/customs/etc. even less than I could two years back.

Plus, with each visit, it is inevitable that I realize some people I love so much are thriving and doing wonderfully. Others are working through rocky patches, going through tough transitions, slightly floundering…. I know that this is normal. This is life. But I prefer when all is peachy-keen. (I am a Pisces, after all:)) And even though I know logically that my physical distance makes no-to-little difference on everyone’s current happiness, it is hard to feel removed from it…from them. At times, I feel guilty for being so dang far.

That said, parts of this past visit were really, really great, and I’ll try to post some of those photos soon!

But tonight, I’m cozily tucked into my apartment, which is warmly lit by the teeny-tiny, fake alpine tree I bought today at Fred Meyer and is making me very, very happy. (The little things!)


I am really super excited to have my parents heading out here in only two weeks, and I am content after a day filled with some of my ideal neighborhood staples (a warm welcome back from my yoga community, pho with one of my Seattle BFFs, a stroll through the Sunday Fremont Fair). Today, I began to feel much more settled in.

Last night I saw a concert in an amazing setting, St. Mark’s Cathedral perched on Capitol Hill high above the lake dotted with twinkling boats. It was chilly in the church, and at first, I was feeling a bit disoriented and jet-lagged and “off.” But overall, the night was really special; I heard some stunning voices echoing throughout this beautiful space, as I sat sandwiched between some of my most favorite Seattle people.

And I thought, “Yes. This is a good, good home.”


A Day in the Life

*Disclaimer: I seem to be sickie and fighting some sort of infection this week, so my schedule is a bit more tame and home-based than usual. But I’d already agreed to play along, so I won’t break a promise….Here we go. Welcome to my life at present. Enjoy!


Top o’ the morn! I wake up earlier than I would like and commence the bad habit of briefly checking my phone from bed (I really want to break this one). I try to go back to sleep for a wee bit but am not super successful…


Brekkie time: cereal with blueberries, flaxseed & almond milk, tea, antibiotic


Laptop o’clock: I putz around on the computer for awhile, catching up on emails, checking my favorite blogs (hello open-tab ADD) and finally settling in to commence some work. There’s a false alarm period during which I rush around thinking I’m going to 10 o’clock yoga (but then I change my mind and decide to attend the noon class after all).


Java break: I’ve been on a tea kick for about the past week, but today I crave coffee. Cheers!


Change of scene: The sun’s actually shining! So I move things to the balcony till yoga time…..Soundtrack of the morning: Live at KEXP Volume 7. Sidenote: I’ve spent way more time this morning taking pictures than I’d care to admit. It’s been fun anyway:)


Finally, workout time: Me and my yoga mat march up the steep hill I know so well.


Om: Welcome to my happy place.


Temptation: Every time I leave yoga class, the heavenly aromas (and winding queue) from the wildly popular, unmarked Cuban sandwich shop across the way threaten to lure me in…Surprisingly, I’m WAY overdue a lunch there.


Home sweet home: This is my ‘hood, complete with tree swings, wee cottage houses and camper vans. I think it’s adorable.


The hills are alive: This is my street. It includes a mighty incline.


Lunchtime: Back out to the balcony. I’d eat a wrap at every meal if I could. Today, it’s a wheat tortilla stuffed with turkey, TJ-bagged greens and avocado. (App=sea-salt rice chips with salsa; dessert=chunk of Theo’s chocolate. Mmm. I’m addicted.)


Laundry day: I’m off on a weekend trip Friday (yippee!), so after showering, I decide I best  throw some wash in. There’s a laundry room on my floor, which is nice, but I often feel entirely too old to sill be scrounging for quarters on a regular basis….


Speaking of...While the washer is going, I head to my 7-11 (AKA also my “bank”) to get a few more quarters, deposit a check and pick up cash for the weekend ahead. Hey, there’s my neighborly Thai restaurant truck gassing up out front! (A local character busts me for taking this photo and gives me a hard time, jokingly flexing his arms. Unfortunately, I’m too slow to capture him. It would’ve made for a great shot:))


Gab session: While my clothes are drying, I phone chat with a friend. It’s nearly 4 o’clock. OOPS. Welcome to freelancing life….


In need of air: I’m frustrated that I’ve spent most of the sunny afternoon indoors, so I hop in my very-pink elevator and head outside (snack inspired by an assignment I just completed moments earlier on apple picking).


Water-bound: I repeat, I love my neighborhood.


Strolling the canal….


Office with a view: I pull out my laptop and do more writing.


Waterside Wild: I put away my laptop and bring out my new read. I can’t wait to dig in.


Buon appetito: A friend asks if I want to eat at this delicious burger joint in our hood. I’m very tempted to join him, but my head is still feeling muy wacko, so I decide another low-key night in instead is probably wise. Tonight it’s pasta leftovers.


Fall is in the air: There’s a gorgeous Harvest Moon outside my window. Let the transitioning commence…


Veg time: Somehow it’s 9, and I’m just now getting off my computer, having  gotten sucked into a bit more work and browsing who-knows-what. (Again, welcome to a freelancer’s kooky, inconsistent schedule.) I’m finishing the day with the dregs of a carton of ice cream (or soy cream, rather) and some DVDs that I need to return to the library stat. It’s been nice having this quiet downtime, but I’m really looking forward to reemerging back into the real world super soon…


Confession: My attention span did not make it through the end of the movie, so I instead clean up a little, sip more tea, listen to part of a This American Life, hold a hot compress on my head/ear…


Bedtime: I briefly start packing for my weekend trip and, finally, do a little journaling (I don’t do this every night, but I’m always thankful when I do). (DC) Washingtonians: Note my memento from home, a ganked Thai Tanic pen. It makes me exuberantly happy. Good night, y’all, thanks for spending the day with me!


*This post was inspired in the part by the amazing Week In a Life series posted by the talented Rachel. Two friends and I decided to follow suit, doing our Day in the Life documentation on the same day in very different parts of the world (Amanda in Victoria BC and Emily in Kathmandu). It proved a really fun project, albeit quite the time-consuming one! But it definitely made me view my day (even a relatively dull one) with a renewed sense of attentiveness and purpose. Okay, who’s playing along next:)?

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