A Seattle New Year

A Seattle New Year’s Eve:

If you asked me a year ago where I’d be spending this January 1st, I never in a million years would have guessed. I couldn’t  have foreseen the multitude of hellos and goodbyes and see ya laters this past year brought, scattering so many of my dearest friends to various corners of the globe.  It was a year of highs and lows, of shifts, changes and ultimately growth.

There were so many unexpected happenings in 2011–most good, some not so good, some really great. I am anxious to release the bad, bury the grudges, relish the positive and move onward and upward. Looking back on the twists of the past twelve months gets me excited for the unpredictable potential this clean-slate, new year holds!

My 2012 list is still in the works, but for starters, it looks a little something like this:

*More reading

*Less Facebook

*More presence

*On a related note, less focus on past and future

*More French and Spanish speaking/listening

*Less dairy, less processed food, less sodium

*More meditation

*Less insomnia

*More arts and crafts

*Less ruminating

*More world news following

*Less iPhone-ing (especially while out and about in the world. Don’t miss out on surroundings, C! Engage!)

*More volunteering

*Less putting off nagging lil tasks (oh, and that list is long). JUST. DO. IT.

*More yoga, More international travel, More beach time (bonfires!), More story pitches sent per week (I should come up with a concrete # for this…), More correspondence with my abroad friends who I’ve slacked with in recent years, More kind gestures, More hand-written mail, More farmers markets, More live music, More budgeting and financial planning, More interaction with the international community, More hiking, More Seattle cultural scene exploration, More photography

*I want to get to the bottom of my sinus/allergy issues, I want to try paddle boarding and rock climbing, I want to visit Portland and the Oregon Coast, I want to be sent on at least two press trips to write up, I want to set and follow a daily regimen conducive to a productive and balanced freelancing lifestyle, I want to have reunions with as many family members and friends as possible.

(And then some….:)

What’s on your 2012 list? Happy New Year! Let’s make it a fabulous one!


Be True to Thine Own Self


Happy New Year!! Have a wonderful, safe, festive night, and here’s to the promise of a FAN-tastic 2012. Cheers, y’all!

My 2012 Wish for Us All