Arts Rx

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”~Baba Ram Dass

I do believe this to be true. (I like to think this is concept I am gradually grasping with time.)

But I also know that, for me, there are certain times when it is best to keep myself on the go. To distract and let the momentum gently urge me on through, until whatever is plaguing me ever so slowly begins to lift…To get lost in crowds of people, to surround myself with vibrant sights and amped-up sounds, to immerse myself in scenes of thriving, overwhelming, pulsating life. To remind myself that, amid it all, I am merely a speck.

So these past days, in addition to the insane amount of walking/running miles I’ve been clocking (seriously, these dogs are barkin‘), I’ve been fortunate enough to dive headfirst into some amazing displays of the arts here in Seattle. I am very grateful for this.

Just today, I saw some amazing aboriginal paintings and sculpture at the Seattle Art Museum (soaking in an art form that’s been around for 50,000 years has a way of humbling and dwarfing one’s own current problems…), then I
watched a powerful (and tough) Argentinean film about the neglect of that country’s indigenous people (“Nosilatiaj.Beauty”), and finally, this evening, I took in some unexpected live gypsy jazz. It was a full day. Whatever works, right?