Things that happened today



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*I saw a bluegrass band (discovered just yesterday at Folklife Fest) in a cool Ballard brekkie spot

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

*I ate brunch (con bloody Mary) in a dog bar

*I met two young missionaries at a bus stop who wanted to sing me a song (I politely declined, in front of a large crowd of curious onlookers—all averting eye contact, knowing they were next…How exactly does one respond to such a query?!)

*I enjoyed a lovely Sunday group dinner in the foreclosed mansion where my friends are semi-squatting/glamping until C heals from his avalanche accident

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You know, just your typical Memorial Day Sunday! What all did y’all get up to:)?


Lake Street Dive

Do y’all know these guys? You should. I mean, really, you should.

I have seen and continue to see quite a bit of live music, and I can honestly say that this show was one for the record books—a concert I’ll never forget (along with that first time Langhorne/Sean spellbound me in teeny-tiny Iota and that evening the Fleet Foxes unexpectedly awed us all into collective silence with their harmonizing perfection on the Black Cat’s smaller stage, just before word got out, and they launched off into super-stardom).

In the presence of such genius, engulfed in such a special scene, when it all just falls into place, when it all works—I feel so lucky to share the space with these amazing artists who have decided to share their talent with us. I mean, with us!

Last night, too, there was magic in the air in the dimly-lit, sold-out room of the Tractor Tavern, the majority of surrounding Ballard businesses pitch black due to wild winds that had earlier knocked down power lines around town. But in the Tractor, we had light. And we had community. And we had soul. And we came together under those dangling cowboy boots to hear a voice that seems to come from otherworldly greatness. I won’t soon forget it. Thanks, Lake Street Dive. You were really something.

Intrinsic Parts/ (Extra)ordinary


Isn’t it funny how sometimes glimpses of euphoria sneak in during those moments of the seemingly ‘normal’ and ‘mundane’? Often they slide their way onto the scene when you very least expect them, when there’s not much of anything particularly remarkable going on around you, or so it seems…

I had one of those moments today, as I paused in a cafe, my bag getting repeatedly caught in the cotton “spider web” that outlined the window in which I sat. I had just finished a lovely espresso visit with a wonderful, newish friend (that had organically grown into a coffee/chat/hangout session with more friends), afterwards kicking my way through piles of golden leaves on the long, sunny walk into Ballard. Once there, I’d run some errands, gotten lost in the bustle, picked up a concert ticket at a friendly record shop (beating the system by not paying extra fees, wahoo!), bumped into two friends I hadn’t seen in AGES and finally landed myself at this delicious, casual eatery.


Here I feasted on a tasty sandwich stuffed with oozing pepper jack, crisped turkey and chipotle-mayo-with-a-kick. I truly savored the flavors, the sounds overhead (Reel Big Fish, ahhh the memories), the sights out the pane (a flurry of activity—the breaking down of the weekly famers market). For those few moments, I was completely present, completely there.

And it was ordinary—and extraordinary—all at once.


Friday Friday Friday

Sometimes when I struggle to find my own words, quotes, piccies and sweet tunes will just have to do in lieu. What music is keeping you company today? (It’s M.Ward over here…) Happy Friday, y’all!

“But possibly I am something more than I suppose myself to be.”~René Descartes

(*Norwegian Festival in Ballard, Seattle*)

Get creative, y’all

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”~Osho

*Thanks to a LivingSocial deal I scored last fall, I finally attended my first drumming class last night! I was a wee bit nervous as I made the two-bus trek in the rain over to Ballard, but it turned out to be a blast. It took me far out of my comfort zone, which was the whole idea, really, and I found it so liberating. The group was wonderfully warm and welcoming, and I loved being a part of something I’ve for so long admired from afar. I can take an unlimited number of classes in the next month, so I think I’ll type up a whole series of posts on the experience… Loved it. Stay tuned!