What you are (&, by the way, how are you?)

You can sing only what you are. You can paint only what you are. You must be what your experiences, your environment, and your heredity have made you. […] For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.”~Dale Carnegie

*What are you?*

[This week, I have not been bothering with big picture, who-I-am type notions. Instead, I am focusing on getting well and holding space for the many, many who seem in need right now. This week, I have been, the following:

Readjusting. Sad. Scared. Relieved. Hopeful. Sick. Stuffed-up. Cold. Medicated. Cozy. Stir-crazy. Couch-potatoed. Procrastinating. Grateful. Coasting.]

It’s been a lot to return to with a spooky Halloween hurricane devastating much of the east coast and with even more terrifying health news blowing in from across the country. I am holding a lot of people in my thoughts and heart right now, and I am praying for good news as I plod along through these gray Seattle days. Today, I was healed by a big bowl of pho and some quality friend time. It’s the little things. I hope this finds you warm and cozy and loved, wherever you may be.