Easter Coastal Getaway

Seabrook is an odd little place, a “new town,” established on the Washington coast in 2004. It’s very picket-fence-Americana with a beachy twist (and currently, lots of construction in the works). I kept saying I felt like we were on a production set, ‘Gilmore Girls’ to be exact. Our beach house was airy and spacious, though, and the perks ranged from a private hot tub to an awesome front porch con rocking chairs, perfect for a morning cup of joe or an evening cocktail. Our weather was glorious Friday and so-so the other days, but I think the ocean is pretty darn spectacular, rain or shine.

An absolute highlight was a spontaneous pitstop on the drive home at a roadside BBQ joint that was friendly, delicious and FULL o’swines. Pig heaven. There was a group of local ladies in the corner singing happy birthday to 80-something-year-old Judy, and one of the young servers delicately polished the restaurant’s cook-off trophies up front in between delivering piles of brisket. Matt and KL treated (they are so generous!), and we shared a huge hunking slice of pecan pie, which, in my mind, made it feel like a real holiday. Hope you all had nice Easters, too!

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Finding Feel-Good

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This weather has me in ridiculously good spirits (I am LOVING it). As does a steady workflow (at last!), the arrival of a fun spring package from my mom (she’s just the best), the return of a few Seattle BFFs who had been out of town, an upcoming weekend beach trip and a brief preview of the incredible Blood Moon last night, before the cloud cover took over and obscured the show.

I just jogged along the sunny Burke-Gilman, accompanied by Langhorne and a couple dozen fellow runners/bikers; I think deliciously crisp air like this—52 degrees at present—makes for the perfect running weather, even when the abundance of blooming everything threatens to send seasonal allergies into overdrive. 

I’m so, truly sorry, friends buried in snow—AGAIN!—back east, but we’re going back to rain shortly if that makes you feel any better…For now, though, I am savoring every darn second of these bright, beauty-filled days.

I’m also a sucker for feel-good video clips, and here are two recent faves that just can’t be watched without feeling moved. The first flight one had me grinning from ear to ear. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Your Right Life

‘The only map of your right life is written on your soul at its most peaceful, and the only sure compass is your heart at its most open.’
–Martha Beck


Surf, sun & sand (sprinkled with doses of other stuff)

My weekend snapshots provide glimpses of attempts to soak up every second of this glorious season. (And not to boast too much, but these past days, I’d say I’ve been doing a pretty darn good job of it:))

You will see water (and more water! Pisces heaven), city skyline views, reunions with friends, lazy park sits, exquisite sunsets and sensational scenes that suggest that ALL is right in the world. I belly-laughed with an old friend as we caught up over a picnic on my favorite Seattle mound. (We got goosebumps as we witnessed a petal-strewn marriage proposal under a fire-streaked sky.) I rode my bike, carefree, down the canal trail; I wandered the Sunday market; I heard music from guitars and a violin and the nostalgic drone of bagpipes.

*Pause: I do think it is sometimes important, however, to acknowledge that these snapshots only tell part of the story. There is some danger in this odd existence where social media and the vetted-for-public versions of our daily lives prevail. Clearly, these pictures don’t capture a few weekend lowlights, like terrible Sunday morning listlessness and a serious WHAT-THE-EFF-Universe moment Friday afternoon that had my emotions running rampant and my mind/heart feeling lightyears away from Zen. Although these moments were brief in the grand scheme, they were real, and they stung…..Like Susannah cleverly confesses, we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that others’ lives are always “all rainbows and unicorns over here” (despite what highlight-reel-recaps or colorful slideshows tend to suggest).

But the main point, I suppose, is that there WAS (and remains to be) so much amazingness, and this is where we must focus the lens. Sometimes it is too easy to get hung up on the hurt or the scared or the sad, or whatever threatens to plague. But, as always, I practice (and practice some more) shifting the emphasis. On bringing to light what is really, really great–on the billions of small (and big) ways I continue to be blessed.

On Saturday morning, I went paddle boarding (so fun!), where four of us drank in surreal mountain and lighthouse views. We spotted a regal blue heron, bobbing, iridescent jelly fish and a playful seal splashing his way across the sound. We saw a rainbow arch its way around the midday sun (so in this case, in that moment, it actually was all rainbows).

On the journey back to the shore, I really got in the groove-pushing meters ahead of my fellow paddlers-feeling steady and strong as I slid along atop the water. For a wee while there, I lost myself in the rhythm of my strokes, the repetitive swoosh of the oar, visions of hypnotic, dancing light beams below. Afterward, kissed with sun, plastered with seaweed and sprinkled with sand, we rewarded ourselves with JUICY Paseo Cuban pork sandwiches on picnic tables next to the bustling surf shop. Bliss. Like a child just in from a day at the beach, I felt tired and sore and joyful and alive. In moments like this: LIFE. IS. GOOD.

Summer, don’t go!

While some of you are wrapping up that second season of the year, having filled recent months with beaches, pools, BBQs, mozzie bites, sweat and ice cream, my summer is only just beginning. Autumn, I do love you so, but frankly, I just ain’t ready… Kindly hold off for a good long while now, would you? Cheers!


Petal confetti

There have been some really wonderful things about the past week or so. New sights, new people, newfound motivation, reaching out, having that reciprocated, SO. MUCH. SUN. Highlights have ranged from a festival celebrating the Space Needle’s 50th birthday and a free in-store concert honoring Record Store Day to alfresco meals and margaritas beside docked boats and dangling strings of twinkly lights. I saw the Gaugin exhibit at the SAM, I hiked along the beach on a most perfect April day, and I saw a hilarious musical (“First Date”) that reminded me just how fun theater outings can be. I’ve caught glimpses of summer (yeeha! So close!), and it gets me beyond excited for what’s to come.

Yet, still, there is an underlying current of tension right now that is starting to rear its head in subtle yet nagging ways. My health feels slightly compromised on several levels (I never know how much of this is exacerbated by the mind), and I am trying my best to manage this anxiety before it does permanent damage.

Weekend loveliness!



Perfume Genius (above), bustling Seattle Center, delicious Duke’s and sun-soaked Pike Place (below)




Even though I currently feel like shouting this desperately into the streets:


I am trying to find and relish magical moments like these: An alleyway cafe where a busker’s acoustic guitar whisks me away to Europe. Ethereal light rays sneaking their way through dancing branches. The joyous beats of a steel drum, as cherry blossom petals blow down like parade confetti and land on the musician’s colorful beanie cap. I must look for this wonder. We must. It’s out there if only we open our eyes.



“Nothing can be delicious when you are holding your breath.”~Anne Lamott

Gone fishin’

Sorry, been busy all week playing tour guide!
How are you all:)?

Back with you shortly…


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