Welcome, Year!

I love when my birthday falls in the calendar year.
I love its ring: 3/3.
I love that it lands in the midst of a blah-ish stretch, yet on the cusp of a new, hopeful season.
I love that it arrives when winter’s felt long, and the blossoming of spring finally feels within reach.

I love that it comes just when I (and others) seem to need a bit of a boost, and this year—even more than usual—I felt absolutely showered by and immersed in love.

I am so lucky, I am so thankful, and I can’t wait to see what goodness this year has in store.



Ushering out the old & in the *new*

There are times when I get caught in my own head, tripped up by my own stories. (More often than I care to admit.) I’m a sensitive, emotional, observant, intuitive Pisces. There are aspects of these traits I love about myself, that I have come to embrace as true assets; yet there are other parts I know could be further tweaked. I am learning to look at them with a gentle, interested eye, and I see their potential harm. There is work yet to be done.

This year, my 35th year, I want to (finally) allow much of that unneeded “old”—the dead weight that no longer serves me—to drop away. I want to be lighter.

My birthday falls at a good time of year—smack dab in the drab of gray winter, when I often need a wee lift, a celebratory boost to remind me that life is indeed beautiful and that winter will not last forever and that I am buoyed, supported and very, very fortunately loved.

This weekend, I surrounded myself with those who remind me of this. I enjoyed chats, laughs and adventures in the snow and the rain, I indulged in good food and drink and, throughout it all, I tried to listen to that inner voice.

I am still reflecting on this past year, not quite ready to reveal any sort of astute recap or contemplative summary. But I am looking back with gratitude (cos much of it was really stinkin’ awesome), and I’m looking ahead with quiet hope. (Thank you to those of you who have made my life such a beautiful ride thus far.)

“At the center of your being you have the answer: You know who you are and you know what you want.”~Lao Tzu

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Celebrating happenin’ hoods and happy birthdays

Things I enjoy about my new ‘hood so far:

~At certain times of the day, the neighborhood air hangs heavy with the aroma of baking brownies (it’s really the Theo Chocolate Factory just around the bend).

~It’s full of kooky characters, many of whom give the place a friendly (if zany) “peanut gallery”-type feel. (Today, near home, I received several compliments on my sundress, one from a man wearing a tie-dye tee who was blowing bubbles out the open window of his fancy-schmancy car that had a license plate that read “LEGGS”…you couldn’t script some of this stuff.)

~Sometimes I’m forced to pause and stretch mid-run until the boat passes through, the drawbridge goes back down, and the mad rush of drivers, joggers and cyclists get the signal to carry on.

~I’m starting to know some of the locals, like the 7-11 owner and his family, who make pleasant small talk every time I pop in (I can finally access my DC bank account on a regular basis, wahoo!)

~The sidewalks and trails seem to be full of Mr. Moms pushing their wee ones in strollers at all hours of the day.

~An outdoor cinema, a dog pub, an open-air music venue, a (savory) pie shop, so much Thai.

~New sights (mountains! hills on all sides!), smells, tastes, sounds, perspective.

**Today I wish my amazing mom, who is just simply the best (there’s really no other way to put it), a wonderful, wonderful birthday (and, more importantly, a happy return to her own bed after an evil tick sent her to a very scary, sick place and a very uncomfortable hospital room for several nights:(). I am beyond grateful she’s on the mend. Friends, especially those of you on the east coast, watch out for those nasty ticks, and give your family members a huge hug today if you’re lucky enough to be near!**

3*3 on 3*3

I never posted my birthday photos! (Did I??) Time to remedy that.

It was a fantastic weekend, full of things I adore–beach & sun & awesome clouds, family and friends (both amazing folks here with me that weekend and those sending love from afar), good bevvies and even better eats…We indulged in a comfort-food brekkie, a tropical lunch (so fun!), a Puerto Rican dinner, Scottish pints, oh! And some Cupcake Royale as culinary nightcaps! Mmm mm.

I was spoiled and pampered and drenched in love. It was a great one. Thanks to all who made it so:) I am so very lucky.


Snorkel pig!!

Five o’clock somewhere!

Beautiful flower surprise on ze doorstep…Thank you!!

Reconnecting with friends here from Victoria and Tacoma, one of the best best best parts of living out west, hands down.

Transported (well, kinda anyway:)) to one of my favorite islands on the planet for the evening!

‘Twas one of my best birthdays yet, and it gives me hope (even during kinda-crappy weeks) for great things to come this year. Thanks so much, everyone (a wee bit belatedly:))!

Happy sun-soaked weekend to all of you!

Sums up my birthday weekend :)


Happy birthday, Hewy!!

I’m not quite sure exactly when it happened, but at some point over the years I realized that my brother and I share a lot more than merely the same wonderful parents (like tastes in cuisine, travel, documentaries, podcasts, books, people and, these days, even music-gasp!).  At some point, Matt evolved from being my younger brother to also being a really good friend. One of my best, in fact.

I like Matt so much I moved across the country to try out life in the lovely city that HE discovered four years ago. 🙂 (Seattle wasn’t ever on my radar until he relocated west, and I’m thrilled to currently call this fantastic waterside town home.) Matt’s  been so generous to me this past year, and I am grateful every day to live near him–currently VERY near-ha. Thank you, roomies!!

In some ways we are scarily alike, in others drastically different. He may be nearly four years my junior, but I’d argue he’s often the wiser and more put-together ‘kid.’ We crack each other up, often with humor few others might appreciate. We care deeply about family and have one another’s backs. He’s thankfully forgiven me for childhood teasing, frequent dress-up sessions, mandatory at-home “schooling” (complete with homework and a very stern teacher) and a playful nickname (Hewy), that has somehow stood the test of time. (Oops!) He’s thoughtful and kind, loyal and determined, goofy and fun. Kids and animals flock to him. They know a good thing when they see it.

Happy birthday, Hewy!!!

Hope you have a fantastic day and an even better year to come.

Happy birthday, Dad!!

Today I’m celebrating (from afar) the birthday of one of the BEST people I know–my kind, wise, clever, curious, witty, unselfish, hard-working, travel-and-musical-and-PB loving, joke-cracking, giving, thoughtful dad:) He’s one of the most inspirational guys I know, and I count myself BEYOND lucky to call meself his daughter. Truly.

Happy birthday, Dad!! The sun is shining for you today on both coasts!