Black Cats & Josh Ritter

I’m having a frustrating week where I feel like I’m being continually tested, when I need (pretty please) reminders/signs to trust that it’s all going to be okay.

Instead, while waiting outside for a friend last night, a black cat pranced in front of my path with a dead mouse dangling from its creepy little mouth. WTF, Universe.

Here’s a Tiny Desk Concert by the incredible Josh Ritter, who I saw perform last night on a sun-soaked zoo esplanade. I love summer.

Zoo Tunes

Zoo Tunes

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park


Lake Street Dive

Do y’all know these guys? You should. I mean, really, you should.

I have seen and continue to see quite a bit of live music, and I can honestly say that this show was one for the record books—a concert I’ll never forget (along with that first time Langhorne/Sean spellbound me in teeny-tiny Iota and that evening the Fleet Foxes unexpectedly awed us all into collective silence with their harmonizing perfection on the Black Cat’s smaller stage, just before word got out, and they launched off into super-stardom).

In the presence of such genius, engulfed in such a special scene, when it all just falls into place, when it all works—I feel so lucky to share the space with these amazing artists who have decided to share their talent with us. I mean, with us!

Last night, too, there was magic in the air in the dimly-lit, sold-out room of the Tractor Tavern, the majority of surrounding Ballard businesses pitch black due to wild winds that had earlier knocked down power lines around town. But in the Tractor, we had light. And we had community. And we had soul. And we came together under those dangling cowboy boots to hear a voice that seems to come from otherworldly greatness. I won’t soon forget it. Thanks, Lake Street Dive. You were really something.