Welcome, Year!

I love when my birthday falls in the calendar year.
I love its ring: 3/3.
I love that it lands in the midst of a blah-ish stretch, yet on the cusp of a new, hopeful season.
I love that it arrives when winter’s felt long, and the blossoming of spring finally feels within reach.

I love that it comes just when I (and others) seem to need a bit of a boost, and this year—even more than usual—I felt absolutely showered by and immersed in love.

I am so lucky, I am so thankful, and I can’t wait to see what goodness this year has in store.



Youer than you

As I gear up to turn another year *wiser,* I am keeping these words in mind. I am really looking forward to a low-key weekend celebration with all my favorite Pacific NW folks, including a lifelong amiga and her wonderful partner who’ve traveled down from Victoria for the occasion. I feel lucky! This past year took all sorts of unexpected twists (I mean, who knew I’d be spending this birthday here?!), so I’m excited to see what lies ahead. Cheers, friends. Happy weekend!