Monday was just one of *those* nights.

First, an invigorating dose of hot (well, warm) yoga, then a lakeside picnic with the perfect light, finally an early birthday celebration with the perfect company.

It was one I won’t soon forget.

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“Forget not that the earth delight to feel your bare feet and the winds linger to play with your hair.”~Khalil Gibran

Ushering out the old & in the *new*

There are times when I get caught in my own head, tripped up by my own stories. (More often than I care to admit.) I’m a sensitive, emotional, observant, intuitive Pisces. There are aspects of these traits I love about myself, that I have come to embrace as true assets; yet there are other parts I know could be further tweaked. I am learning to look at them with a gentle, interested eye, and I see their potential harm. There is work yet to be done.

This year, my 35th year, I want to (finally) allow much of that unneeded “old”—the dead weight that no longer serves me—to drop away. I want to be lighter.

My birthday falls at a good time of year—smack dab in the drab of gray winter, when I often need a wee lift, a celebratory boost to remind me that life is indeed beautiful and that winter will not last forever and that I am buoyed, supported and very, very fortunately loved.

This weekend, I surrounded myself with those who remind me of this. I enjoyed chats, laughs and adventures in the snow and the rain, I indulged in good food and drink and, throughout it all, I tried to listen to that inner voice.

I am still reflecting on this past year, not quite ready to reveal any sort of astute recap or contemplative summary. But I am looking back with gratitude (cos much of it was really stinkin’ awesome), and I’m looking ahead with quiet hope. (Thank you to those of you who have made my life such a beautiful ride thus far.)

“At the center of your being you have the answer: You know who you are and you know what you want.”~Lao Tzu

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Technology is A-mazing!


Thanks to some tech-savvy geniuses and the beauty of live-streaming video, I was just transported via MacBook to “attend” Carly and Daniel’s wedding on a sun-soaked Virginia winery. (Does this stuff blow your guys’ minds, too?)

(It’s so fun to think back on that fateful night these two met; on an electrically-charged fall evening in 2008, I had invited Carly along to a random election-viewing party I’d heard about at Bohemian Caverns on U Street. The rest, as they say, is history…You just never know how life will unfold eh?)

Happy wedding day, guys!!


{Mom looking out over Elliott Bay. I LOVE love love having my parents here in my new city:)}


“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”—Erich Fromm

It’s a big week over here (My “baby” brother is getting married! My family is here! My relatives are en route! My friends are coming!), and in order to fully soak in the enormity of it all, I’m trying my best to stay present & grateful & grounded & calm (without stressing that I’m not present enough or grateful enough or calm enough….make sense?). Just breathe. Savor. Enjoy.

I think/hope we’ve reached the really fun part of the week, where it’s all about picking people up and showing newcomers our town and gathering for big, waterside reunions—an eclectic melange  of people from our past (our entire lives, really) who mean so much to us and have flown so far to join in on the celebrations. It’s utterly surreal. It’s great. Life is good.

Monday Mix

Seattle has been putting on a good show as of late. I’m reveling in it.



Recent scenes like these have been making me really happy–my cousin’s son bounding off to the first day of school and my parents helping my grandpa celebrate his 85th birthday!



There is something very hopeful lingering in the crisp fall air that’s already started to blow in. Although I’m not quite ready to let go of summer, I’m feeling optimistic about the new season ahead. Happy Monday, friends!


July roll call

The weeks before my departure were filled with lots of big life celebrations, which made things hectic but also helped distract from the torture of moving and the heaviness of goodbyes (or “see ya laters”). It kept things in balance. My July looked like this:

An awesome rooftop view (thanks, Dad!) for fireworks over our nation’s capital

BBQs galore, even an oyster roast at “my favorite bar in D.C.” (otherwise known as S & J’s deck. I adore that space and all the memories we’ve made back there.)

A bachelorette weekend with an amazing crew of ladies to celebrate one of my oldest amigas 

(No matter that we were in trashtastic Ocean City, Maryland. We laughed a lot that sun-kissed weekend, and my heart was full.)

Visits with my favorite people in D.C. (including my precious god-daughter)

A lovely Philly wedding for a dear, dear friend.  (Grateful!)

A colliding of worlds in a fantastic and surreal reunion that brought mates all the way from China to share in our stateside celebrations

The MOVE. (While not fun in the slightest, a reminder of just HOW wonderful my friends are. They moved me in 105 degree heat! I’m a lucky, lucky lass. Thank you, guys!! )

It was a whirlwind month, but overall, it was a good month. I hope your July gave you many reasons to be grateful too!