Foggy Mornin’ Fuel

Jet lag had me up WAY earlier than planned (OY), so I’m trying to embrace the early start, fueled by warming coffee and the sweet, soothing voice of Anderson East. Have a good day, friends!


New Year, A Not-So-New Me

I’m trying to be gentle with myself as I transition from a beautiful, carefree, three-week holiday abroad to homebound, “back-to-reality mode” (which, admittedly, is actually pretty dang good). Overall, it feels nice to be back here in the PNW—amongst these trees, these mountains, these cozy venues and these fabulous friends (whom I’ve missed!)—but man, this jet lag is killer. While I’m feeling far from rested, I will admit there’s something awesome about rising long before the sun and, consequently, enjoying an especially extended and full morning routine.

I’m back into yoga, but definitely not back into eating healthfully. I’m back into working, but definitely not back into working efficiently/non-distractedly. I’m back into brainstorming on 2015 goals and hopes and wishes and dreams, but definitely not into putting anything into practice just yet. Oh well. All that will come. Slow ‘n’ steady…right?

In the meantime, I’m indulging in too-pricey caffeinated treats and buttery scones in a coffee shop that’s currently blasting 80s throwback tunes. Whatever works:)

What’s pulling you through this first week of 2015?

Caffe Ladro sweet potato & sage scone splurge-y decadence

Caffe Ladro sweet potato & sage scone splurge-y decadence

Thankful November: Day 11

Day 11 * I’m thankful for: Sunny-day brunches. Salmon tartines and free-flowing coffee. Forever friends + soulful conversations.

Portage Bay Cafe=one of Seattle's brekkie gems

Portage Bay Cafe=one of Seattle’s brekkie gems

Goin’ With The Flow

Last week, nothing seemed to be flowing. Nada. Do you ever have those weeks? Every stinkin’ little thing I tried to do felt a bit harder than it should have…It was raining cats and dogs, my congestion was otherworldly, my electronics were kink-filled, and my work scene was rife with convoluted miscommunications (you guys would not even believe…), dizzying circles and frustrating dead ends.

This week, though: the sun is OUT, the mountains are showing themselves, I feel better rested + more healthily fed (=more energy overall) and, praise be, my writing is feeling inspired and more creative than it has in eons. I’ve also somehow managed to spend time with so many of my favorite, favorite Seattle people this past week (with more fun hangouts on tap for the weekend!). I repeat, I know some really good people.

Sometimes the puzzle pieces just effortlessly fall into place. At the moment, I’m riding along with the flowing current and enjoying the ride. (And it doesn’t hurt knowing that HOME is on the horizon so super soon:)) How have your weeks been?

Happy weekend, y’all!

Image                           [I have yet another friend/fellow wanderluster launching off to travel the world next week (!). Today I got to catch up with her over an alfresco coffee, as sweet Griff looked on. Couldn’t you just eat him up? He’s the best.]

Intrinsic Parts/ (Extra)ordinary


Isn’t it funny how sometimes glimpses of euphoria sneak in during those moments of the seemingly ‘normal’ and ‘mundane’? Often they slide their way onto the scene when you very least expect them, when there’s not much of anything particularly remarkable going on around you, or so it seems…

I had one of those moments today, as I paused in a cafe, my bag getting repeatedly caught in the cotton “spider web” that outlined the window in which I sat. I had just finished a lovely espresso visit with a wonderful, newish friend (that had organically grown into a coffee/chat/hangout session with more friends), afterwards kicking my way through piles of golden leaves on the long, sunny walk into Ballard. Once there, I’d run some errands, gotten lost in the bustle, picked up a concert ticket at a friendly record shop (beating the system by not paying extra fees, wahoo!), bumped into two friends I hadn’t seen in AGES and finally landed myself at this delicious, casual eatery.


Here I feasted on a tasty sandwich stuffed with oozing pepper jack, crisped turkey and chipotle-mayo-with-a-kick. I truly savored the flavors, the sounds overhead (Reel Big Fish, ahhh the memories), the sights out the pane (a flurry of activity—the breaking down of the weekly famers market). For those few moments, I was completely present, completely there.

And it was ordinary—and extraordinary—all at once.


Thursday Thankful Things


Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.~Soren Kierkegaard

Thursday gratefuls:

~Full nights of sleep
~The music of Of Monsters & Men
~Sore yoga muscles
~Seeing new things in familiar spaces
~A full tea cupboard
~Fun mail in the post
~Cowboy hats in unexpected places
~My trusty circle of daily correspondents
~Stranger smiles
~Trail mix and dangerously good chocolate-sprinkled granola
~Planning outdoor weekend adventures
~Artwork that speaks to you, even when you’re not quite sure why
~Quirky sites like longboarders carrying multiple cups of takeaway coffee
~The omnipresent vibrant, puffy down jackets of the Pacific NW

What sights/sounds/tastes are catching your attention these days?

Hi from Chicago

Though there could be much to record and sort, I’m having some trouble with words these days. So I’ll put others’ at the forefront for now.

(Though I will say, I’m grateful for: bacon-topped donuts, a good bloody Mary, kids’ absolute wonder at the world in which we live, those few who get it and are consistently there-like, really there, dancing in the streets, yoga’s steadying power, cheesy cover bands, the backbone of normalcy & routine, Chicago caricature-like people-watching, the giggle of a toddler, the imagination of a four-year-old, a brainless TV show, the comforting clink of M&Ms, a killer cup of coffee, ceiling fans, stolen moments of quiet, being in the easy presence of family, a fluffy bed.)

Hope the weekends were lovely, y’all.

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