Thanksgiving Eve (& link love)

Today, I am grateful for cozy morning routines. (Not every morning is like this, but when they are….ahhhhh.)

Oatmeal with blueberries.
Steaming cuppa.
Fluffy moccasin slippers.
Fab tunes (today: Pickwick).
Rolling morning clouds.
Email check-in.
Blogs that nourish.

Some of my go-tos:

Brilliant writer (even on topics to which I can’t relate), personal NoVa connection. (This chica is on the way to the BIG-time!)

Great photos, thoughts I often relate to.

Daily photos (by my friends and yours truly:)).

A heart-on-her-sleeve New Yorker.

Childhood friend, BURSTING-with-talent photographer/artist.

Two very straight-forward troves of wisdom:

Kate S


Tiny Buddha

What blogs make you smile/think/gawk on a regular basis?

Happy Thanksgiving eve, fellow Americans! Get those stretchy pants ready:)

(Here’s a wee bit of random Scottish humo(u)r for yous! HA)


What you are (&, by the way, how are you?)

You can sing only what you are. You can paint only what you are. You must be what your experiences, your environment, and your heredity have made you. […] For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.”~Dale Carnegie

*What are you?*

[This week, I have not been bothering with big picture, who-I-am type notions. Instead, I am focusing on getting well and holding space for the many, many who seem in need right now. This week, I have been, the following:

Readjusting. Sad. Scared. Relieved. Hopeful. Sick. Stuffed-up. Cold. Medicated. Cozy. Stir-crazy. Couch-potatoed. Procrastinating. Grateful. Coasting.]

It’s been a lot to return to with a spooky Halloween hurricane devastating much of the east coast and with even more terrifying health news blowing in from across the country. I am holding a lot of people in my thoughts and heart right now, and I am praying for good news as I plod along through these gray Seattle days. Today, I was healed by a big bowl of pho and some quality friend time. It’s the little things. I hope this finds you warm and cozy and loved, wherever you may be.

Eat up!

It was a weekend full of some darn good eating around these parts (eek, hopefully offset by physical activity like snowshoeing and neighborhood strolls!). Sometimes you just need to buckle down, cozy in and warm up over some good food (and drinks).

I think Sunday took the (cup)cake, literally, highlights being a Bimbo’s no meato burrito (YUM…”How are they so good?” we kept repeating), a Cupcake Royale sweet treat and then another hearty, cozy Crock-Pot creation by KL. Talk about a good way to get a start on the week:)

What’s been helping you face these long winter days? Happy Monday, friends!

Week in photos

This week I’ve been a bit scattered, all over the place. It’s been frustrating. But these have been some highlights/great things about it:

My lil playmate while her parents, my friends, moved into their cute new home (not so far from me!)


Blue skies and sun!


Great light, some inspired moments anyway


Breaking out my cozy Xmas slippers


Dogs in Starbucks! Including my favorite one, Diva



Playing gift card roulette


What was on yer best-of reel this week? Happy weekend!

Merry merry!!

Wishing all of you celebrating Christmas today a most cozy, joyous, lovely day filled with family, friends, feasts and a bounty of gratitude! Xo










Holy hygge

When my brother entered his third year at college, I strongly encouraged (okay, maybe insisted) that he take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. My junior year overseas in Strasbourg, France, had been so truly awesome and life-altering and mind-expanding (ah, that was the life!), that I sincerely hoped he’d be lucky enough to experience the same thing. And, thankfully, he was. He decided to spend a semester in delightful Copenhagen, and he too had an incredible time while over in Europe.

His year abroad had benefits for our entire family, it turns out. We all were adopted by the wonderful clan who hosted Matt while over there, and I’ve now been fortunate enough to visit that city not once but twice (so far! Sign me up for more!).

My time in Denmark also introduced me to the brilliant concept of hygge.

Here’s a Wiki definition:

One of the fundamental aspects of Danish culture is “hygge”: spending a calm, comfortable time with good friends or loved ones, often while enjoying good food, snacks and something to drink. Lighting candlelights is also often associated with “hygge”. Christmas time, when loved ones sit close together with candles lit on a cold rainy night, is a true moment of “hygge”, as is grilling a pølse (Danish sausage) on a long summer evening. These examples, although they do not precisely define “hygge”, can give an English speaker an idea of a deeply valued traditional concept of Danish culture.

Who could argue with that?

Tis the prime season for hygge, and I feel so grateful to currently live in a home where the owners have this thing down pat. 🙂

Especially as the temperatures plummet and the days draw shorter, couldn’t we all use a little more hygge in our lives?  Have a cozy one, y’all!