Friday Hodgepodge

This week I’ve been a bit introspective (and at times also quite sad). I could blame the gray (or February in general), but I also like to think that I usually feel this way when I’m in the midst of a shift–on the cusp of some sort of emotional/spiritual growth.

Some really fun things happened this week, too, like many quality catch-ups over tea, beer and bahn mi, and Tuesday I attended a spontaneous dinner party during which we looked up our astrological rising moon signs over delicious plates of elk stir-fry (so very Pacific NW, non:)?). It was great fun. I’ve been seeing a good deal of theater these past weeks (which is great!), and I’ve been easing my way back into physical activeness (canal runs, a beach bike ride and many hours logged on the yoga mat in my favorite yellow studio).

Recently, I’ve been:

*Listening to this (LOVE)

*and watching precious bluegrass talents like these guys:

Nectar Bluegrass

*Contemplating doing this (next Friday–could be a good way to kick off my birthday weekend!)

*Getting back into watching great docs like this one:


*Indulging (still, oops):


*Trying hard to believe this:


Any great finds on your end as of late?

HAPPY happy weekend, friends.

3*3 on 3*3

I never posted my birthday photos! (Did I??) Time to remedy that.

It was a fantastic weekend, full of things I adore–beach & sun & awesome clouds, family and friends (both amazing folks here with me that weekend and those sending love from afar), good bevvies and even better eats…We indulged in a comfort-food brekkie, a tropical lunch (so fun!), a Puerto Rican dinner, Scottish pints, oh! And some Cupcake Royale as culinary nightcaps! Mmm mm.

I was spoiled and pampered and drenched in love. It was a great one. Thanks to all who made it so:) I am so very lucky.


Snorkel pig!!

Five o’clock somewhere!

Beautiful flower surprise on ze doorstep…Thank you!!

Reconnecting with friends here from Victoria and Tacoma, one of the best best best parts of living out west, hands down.

Transported (well, kinda anyway:)) to one of my favorite islands on the planet for the evening!

‘Twas one of my best birthdays yet, and it gives me hope (even during kinda-crappy weeks) for great things to come this year. Thanks so much, everyone (a wee bit belatedly:))!

Happy sun-soaked weekend to all of you!

Eat up!

It was a weekend full of some darn good eating around these parts (eek, hopefully offset by physical activity like snowshoeing and neighborhood strolls!). Sometimes you just need to buckle down, cozy in and warm up over some good food (and drinks).

I think Sunday took the (cup)cake, literally, highlights being a Bimbo’s no meato burrito (YUM…”How are they so good?” we kept repeating), a Cupcake Royale sweet treat and then another hearty, cozy Crock-Pot creation by KL. Talk about a good way to get a start on the week:)

What’s been helping you face these long winter days? Happy Monday, friends!