Basking in the Glow

I am drinking my morning smoothie by the light of a freshly-lit candle and my ultra-wee fake tree (a Fred Meyer purchase many years old that brings me more joy than I could have ever foreseen). I am remembering all the mornings Mom would turn on the tree before school so we could eat our Cream of Wheat under its magical glow—such a cozy start to each day during one of my favorite seasons.


Often I think about how special it was when all four of us lived together under one roof—our reality for so many years, when we simply knew no other way. I deeply miss those days when we were one solitary unit, when we hadn’t yet learned to spread our wings and fly. Now, on the rare occasions it happens again (like this December!!), I soak up every second, grateful to hear their oh-so-familiar footsteps and voices—ingrained in the core of my being—once again sharing my space.

I feel very excited for this December. My calendar is piled high with festive events and joyous reunions with so many friends at once—another rarity I appreciate now more than ever before. This season makes me hopeful. (It also makes me nervous when I see how much I’ve committed to, so I’ve tried to offset the “busy” with a slew of new self-care techniques and appointments that I can’t wait to try…)

Sometimes, often, I really love the quiet of my little apartment—a sacred space I attempt to fill with hygge and happy. On this gray morning, I hear: the rhythmic patter of rain, the squawk of a cranky bird (seagull?), tunes from the “Wild” soundtrack I downloaded last night. Sometimes, though, I also can’t wait to once again live in a home filled with other voices and footsteps—music and laughter and life and love. And I really do trust it’s coming soon.

Happy almost December, all. Here’s to basking in the promising light of the season.


Luck Be a Lady (@Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort)

I am long overdue a photo essay about a 24-hour, decadent escape I took with one of my college amigas last month. On December 9th, in a post titled “Stillness,” I wrote:

The past 24 hours with Alli at a Leavenworth resort called Sleeping Lady were pure magic. The second we entered the winter wonderland, I felt my heart rate slow and my breaths deepen. We dipped in a steaming hot tub tucked beside a snowy hill and afterwards warmed up by a crackling fire, chatting for hours over indulgent plates of food and glasses of wine. We met kind people (the few that were there), and I slept more soundly than I have all week. Completely decadent and spoiled. I am so grateful.

I will write more soon, but for now I am relishing the quiet that I found out east in that serene, special place. Happy weekend, friends.

‘All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you can learn to relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the universe present you with all that you have asked for.’~Esther Abraham-Hicks 

Here’s how our trip looked~

Roadtrippin’: does a soul good!

Blue skies, snowy peaks, open road, ahhhhhh. More of this in the near future, please!

The grounds of Sleeping Lady (near where I was treated to an hour-long massage). Spoiled!

View from the steaming sauna @ sunset.

Our room. Rustic-chic! Cozy, warm ‘n’ very comfortable. I was ready to move right in.

Enjoying a multi-course, multi-hour “buffet” (think organic goodness) in the friendly, lodge-style dining hall. Scottish chef  Kenneth MacDonald provides visitors an unforgettable dining experience. We closed that place down, unable to tear ourselves away!

A in her private loft: happy as a lil’ clam:)

Tree art! All eyes on YOU.

Delectable brekkie spread.

Chihuly’s only permanent alfresco sculpture graces the Sleeping Lady grounds.

I am a Pisces, and I love many things about this image! So tranquil.

On-site music center.

Riding home, feeling very lucky indeed.

If you ask me, this is a sure one for the bucket list:)