Thankful November: Day 10

Day 10 * I am thankful for: These amazing friends. Cozy dinner parties. The miracle of finding my people wherever I wander.




Everything is Made of Light


‘Everything is made of light. We are the stars; and the stars are us. When we see this, all of our senses are truly open and there is no need to interpret the world. In this moment, our full, unlimited potential is available to us. There is nothing blocking our way.’
~Don Miguel Ruiz

Friday Hodgepodge

This week I’ve been a bit introspective (and at times also quite sad). I could blame the gray (or February in general), but I also like to think that I usually feel this way when I’m in the midst of a shift–on the cusp of some sort of emotional/spiritual growth.

Some really fun things happened this week, too, like many quality catch-ups over tea, beer and bahn mi, and Tuesday I attended a spontaneous dinner party during which we looked up our astrological rising moon signs over delicious plates of elk stir-fry (so very Pacific NW, non:)?). It was great fun. I’ve been seeing a good deal of theater these past weeks (which is great!), and I’ve been easing my way back into physical activeness (canal runs, a beach bike ride and many hours logged on the yoga mat in my favorite yellow studio).

Recently, I’ve been:

*Listening to this (LOVE)

*and watching precious bluegrass talents like these guys:

Nectar Bluegrass

*Contemplating doing this (next Friday–could be a good way to kick off my birthday weekend!)

*Getting back into watching great docs like this one:


*Indulging (still, oops):


*Trying hard to believe this:


Any great finds on your end as of late?

HAPPY happy weekend, friends.

Looking for the Merry & Bright

This quote seems appropriate, as I look out the window to find the umpteenth consecutive day of dreary, drizzly gray. Oy. (Seriously sun…um, hello?)

“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head,
and knows not that it brings abundance
to drive away the hunger.”
~Saint Basil

It’s been a heavy week in many senses, first centered around petty deadlines, a mile-long, pre-trip to-do list and some internal anxiety I just can’t seem to shake. Of course all of this was later eclipsed by the unspeakable happenings in a Connecticut elementary school. The horror of it all feels too much, too hard, to even wrap our grief around…

So I’ve been looking especially hard for the bright spots this week–like a cozy, laugh-filled dinner party with some lovely Seattle ladies and celebrations for my amazing, fun, kind, witty, clever, thoughtful “baby” brother who today turns 30.

Yesterday I got lost in a sea of pint-guzzling Santas, and I was grateful to be surrounded by whimsy, by silliness and by light-hearted fun. Sometimes we need that, we just really do.





What’s keeping you happy during these short, dark days?