Petal confetti

There have been some really wonderful things about the past week or so. New sights, new people, newfound motivation, reaching out, having that reciprocated, SO. MUCH. SUN. Highlights have ranged from a festival celebrating the Space Needle’s 50th birthday and a free in-store concert honoring Record Store Day to alfresco meals and margaritas beside docked boats and dangling strings of twinkly lights. I saw the Gaugin exhibit at the SAM, I hiked along the beach on a most perfect April day, and I saw a hilarious musical (“First Date”) that reminded me just how fun theater outings can be. I’ve caught glimpses of summer (yeeha! So close!), and it gets me beyond excited for what’s to come.

Yet, still, there is an underlying current of tension right now that is starting to rear its head in subtle yet nagging ways. My health feels slightly compromised on several levels (I never know how much of this is exacerbated by the mind), and I am trying my best to manage this anxiety before it does permanent damage.

Weekend loveliness!



Perfume Genius (above), bustling Seattle Center, delicious Duke’s and sun-soaked Pike Place (below)




Even though I currently feel like shouting this desperately into the streets:


I am trying to find and relish magical moments like these: An alleyway cafe where a busker’s acoustic guitar whisks me away to Europe. Ethereal light rays sneaking their way through dancing branches. The joyous beats of a steel drum, as cherry blossom petals blow down like parade confetti and land on the musician’s colorful beanie cap. I must look for this wonder. We must. It’s out there if only we open our eyes.



“Nothing can be delicious when you are holding your breath.”~Anne Lamott