The Good News

Recently, the news fills entirely too quickly with dreadful headlines—fighting, flooding, gun-wielding violence. It’s terrible; it’s often disgusting. It’s too much. (This morning I shot out of bed after a series of nasty nightmares. No thank you.)

It’s time to focus on all the good. (Because, truly, there’s just so much.)

Here’s my link love for you this Tuesday morn:

+Last week at The Round, I discovered the incredible Naomi Wachira. If you ever get the chance to see this chica live, you should. She sings with beautiful, raw emotion that reverberates off the rafters, and her wide smile illuminates the whole room. Today she released a new video!

+Dog + elephant=BFFs. I mean, really, you guys.

+In light of my recent bizarre Gilmore Girls obsession (I blame my searing head/earache that’s had me grounded here), this link seems all too appropriate:)

+This commercial has been making the rounds, and I finally took the three minutes to watch it. It’s pretty amazing.

+My college friend Nicki has just completed a stunning thesis in which she put together a compilation of stories from self-advocates with Down Syndrome. Have a listen here. Wow.

See, the good does abound. Let’s celebrate that (and them).