ISO a Stronger Connection

{*Published after the fact, back in the big city. I miss the quiet; my brain feels rattled already on a particularly noisy night in my ‘hood.}

I say all the time that I need to unplug more. All. The. Time. What does it take for me take to actually do this at this point in the frightfully embarrassing addiction/dependency game? Sad as it is, the physical absence of a strong WiFi signal, allowing me to power down and attention up. Tune in. Reconnect. Reboot. Re-root.

To listen. Really listen.


The wind is the loudest thing I hear—and, now, also the glug glug glugging of paddles powering by on the nearby lake. I tune in more, and I notice that’s not all…more instruments contribute to this background playlist; there is a bird’s stuttering whistle, a neighbor’s faint sneeze, a cloth cabin strap’s boomeranging zinnngggg, a dog’s high-pitched yelp. I kick off my flops, cos I want to feel the pine needles under my toes, the Earth under the soles of my city feet.

The breeze blows, and I am cold, but I am happy. I am alone under this verdant canopy—just me and the trees and the slowly-lowering afternoon sun. (Oh, and that robin over there popping, hopping through a pine cone obstacle course of sorts.)

I try to read or journal or write or anything, but I get stuck watching the light dapples dance on the cabin “roof” next door. There is everything to see, everything to do—but nothing all at once.

This attentiveness, it is rare. It is needed. I vow (yet again) to get it back.




Things that happened today



photo 1

*I saw a bluegrass band (discovered just yesterday at Folklife Fest) in a cool Ballard brekkie spot

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

The Cumberland Brothers from Vancouver Island—check em out!

*I ate brunch (con bloody Mary) in a dog bar

*I met two young missionaries at a bus stop who wanted to sing me a song (I politely declined, in front of a large crowd of curious onlookers—all averting eye contact, knowing they were next…How exactly does one respond to such a query?!)

*I enjoyed a lovely Sunday group dinner in the foreclosed mansion where my friends are semi-squatting/glamping until C heals from his avalanche accident

photo 1

photo 2

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You know, just your typical Memorial Day Sunday! What all did y’all get up to:)?