Hello, 2015 (from your jet-lagged friend)!

I’ve been up since 5. My body (and mind) are still over in Western Europe, and aside from my internal clock thinking it’s a gazillion time zones ahead of what it is here in the PNW, my swirling mind has entirely too much to process and replay and savor from the past three weeks to possibly quiet…And strangely, loads of Irish speak seems to be circulating around that busy noggin, too.”Gaff,” “craic,” ahhh how I love those folks!

[Also, sadly, my home/to-do-list-fueled/overstimulated brain has already begun to kick back on. Note to self: Fight that! Not welcomed here this year, thank you very much.]

So, for now, sleep can wait.

Alas…hours before the sun rose, as you do when in the disorien(ta)ted throes of jet lag, I made a delirious brekkie burrito by the light of the kitchen stove (the clean eating can wait a few days yet….) and relished some Christmas Minstrels (chocolate) around 7 am (it’s afternoon over there anyway, right?) while watching a so-so movie on Netflix to ease me into the day.

I don’t have the steam for a full recap in me just yet, but let me say this:
My trip was really fantastic. Just really special, sprinkled with moments of magic—the obvious, extraordinary ones and also the more mundane. In many ways it felt simple, comfortable, all about cosiness and connectedness. I felt that creative/adventurous spark reignited within me (one that I sometimes worry might be ever-so-slightly beginning to wane… But I know that it hasn’t, and it won’t…).

I lead such a blessed life, and traveling away from the routine seems to remind me of this time and again. In some ways, going abroad always feels like coming home.


Perhaps it was in light of a year that came along with some really, really tough bits and loss, that this togetherness with my people felt extra weighted in goodness and bliss. Maybe this perspective comes with age…or the fact that I currently live thousands of miles from my most favorite people on the planet. I don’t know.

In any case, teas and tiffins and pints and pies shared with my incredible family (in England) and dear friends (in Ireland) made this holiday season one of the most wonderful and memorable of my 35 years. I am so grateful. (I don’t know how to state this all without sounding like a giant sap.) But it’s true. I feel so lucky, and often I marvel at how I get to walk this life with these amazing people—in these amazing places.

Delighting in a true Irish coffee on the final day of 2014. (Photo by Corinne Whiting)

Delighting in a true Irish coffee on the final day of 2014. (Photo by Corinne Whiting)

Something also felt so unexpectedly right about ringing in the New Year in one of my favorite cities on Earth (Dublin), under the care of the most gracious, welcoming hosts. I’m so glad I followed my gut on that one.

As I lifted off, up over these stunning verdant fields of Eire on the 2nd of January—exhausted and stuffed, full-hearted and homebound—I truly sensed the fullness of it all. The riches this holiday season brought and the promise of the year to come.

Happy 2015, friends.



An Irish Dream





It nearly feels like I dreamt it all.

More soon. For now, my jetlagged brain is still processing.

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day, friends!

An Old Irish Blessing
May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!


On the Go

This weekend I partook in an overnight clam-digging adventure in Westport, WA (it was awesome!), and tomorrow I’m en route to Dublin (via NYC). Exciting!! Things are on the go, and it feels good.

What’s keeping you on the move these days?

CJ Dune CJ Car Crew CJ Beach Car


“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”
– Chinese Proverb



Luck o’ the Irish

Often, life is zany. Unpredictable. Just wild.

In some ways, I haven’t been feeling the luckiest recently (on the frustratingly slow work front, for example); in other ways, I couldn’t feel luckier (like the incredible outpouring of love  and generosity I felt on my birthday this past Sunday).

But the wildest stroke of random “luck” to come my way this past week??

Next Wednesday, I’m going to Ireland! For St. Patrick’s Day! (And walking in the parade!)

For those who don’t know, I LOVE IRELAND.


Long story short: My friend’s dad entered a contest. He won. (Seriously, who ever actually wins these things?? I thought that only happened in movies, to be honest.) He doesn’t want to go. She does. She invited me to accompany her. How could I say no?

Sometimes, life is really, really funny. Expect the unexpected, as they say.

Cheers, friends!

**”Life is a great big canvas,
and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”
– Danny Kaye**