School of Life

Life has felt like a bit ole’ lesson book these past few weeks/months. Recent discoveries/re-discoveries:

~I adore Josh Garrels.

~I adore road trips and spontaneous adventures and saying “yes” when I coulda-shoulda-woulda maybe said “no.”


Dead Lamb Jam 2015 AKA Exploring Yakima

~I adore hiking and nature and tech detoxing, but I adore the post-burn brewpub lunch reward even a wee bit more.


~I adore live music. I am forever healed/inspired/moved/uplifted by talented performers who share their gifts with us lucky listeners.


~I adore the PNW and the pre-summer buzz that promises so much sunshine-y, alfresco goodness to come.

~In light of my grandfather’s recent passing (and always reflecting on last summer, too), I am reminded of the following: The most empathetic people are typically those who have grieved themselves. Through their own journey of loss, they have gained beautiful compassion. They understand that, even if you don’t know what to say, something—anything—is always a good bet. This knowledge is a gift. (I want to be one of those ever-compassionate people.)

~For the most part, people are who they are. Different friends play different roles in our lives, and we can count on different folks in very different capacities. There’s no use in wasting time feeling let down by those who simply continue old patterns/ways of being. Instead, it’s best to focus on those who come through in the least expected and most appreciated ways. (That said, in my Seattle “tribe,” there are some rockstars. Friends who challenge me and unconditionally support me and hold me accountable—in the most gentle, loving ways. I am so grateful. From them, I am learning so, so much.)


Happy Thursdays, friends!


Thankful November: Days 7, 8 & 9

Day 7 * I am thankful for: Saying yes to unexpected adventures.


Day 8 * Simple beauty.


Day 9 * Live music. Always, live music.


Solo Mission Musica

A few weekends ago, I did something rather brave (for me, anyway). I went to a music festival alone about three-and-a-half hours from where I live. Sure, I’ve traveled abroad alone and moved abroad alone, but somehow this wee domestic venture felt like I’d passed a new milestone of sorts.

Anyone who knows me, has heard me rave about Pickathon, a magical, friendly, music-filled gathering in the Oregon woods. I went last year with two of my Seattle BFFs, and I was instantly SMITTEN. Wooded stages & barn venues dotted with twinkle lights, hay bales as seats, flowing wine & beer accompanied by tasty food (all local, of course), kind folks, a sea of tents under a calming canopy of green. Everything about it appealed to my inner kinda-hippie and my love of gooooooood soul-soothing tunes. It’s a sweaty, stinky, dusty affair with a little dose of over-the-top hippie-dippie and PDX hipster, and yet, I just love everything about it.

I’d waited a full year to return again; however, when the time came, I couldn’t find a single soul able and/or willing to join. Not a one. Womp wah. After some pleas, some long shots, some pity-partying and a good amount of fretting, I decided to suck it up and simply follow my gut. I wanted to go so badly, so why not go? Alas, I did (thanks to some gear borrowing and awesome cheerleading from some really special friends. I know SUCH good people here). I’m so glad I listened to those inner whispers. They didn’t steer me wrong.

Pine State Visit by Corinne Whiting

Pickathon canopy by Corinne Whiting

Pickathon sign by Corinne Whiting

Pickathon woods by Corinne Whiting

Food court by Corinne Whiting

Pickathon barn by Corinne Whiting

Shakey Graves by Corinne Whiting

In honor of incredible music, here are some great tunes to enjoy:

Lake Street Dive

Do y’all know these guys? You should. I mean, really, you should.

I have seen and continue to see quite a bit of live music, and I can honestly say that this show was one for the record books—a concert I’ll never forget (along with that first time Langhorne/Sean spellbound me in teeny-tiny Iota and that evening the Fleet Foxes unexpectedly awed us all into collective silence with their harmonizing perfection on the Black Cat’s smaller stage, just before word got out, and they launched off into super-stardom).

In the presence of such genius, engulfed in such a special scene, when it all just falls into place, when it all works—I feel so lucky to share the space with these amazing artists who have decided to share their talent with us. I mean, with us!

Last night, too, there was magic in the air in the dimly-lit, sold-out room of the Tractor Tavern, the majority of surrounding Ballard businesses pitch black due to wild winds that had earlier knocked down power lines around town. But in the Tractor, we had light. And we had community. And we had soul. And we came together under those dangling cowboy boots to hear a voice that seems to come from otherworldly greatness. I won’t soon forget it. Thanks, Lake Street Dive. You were really something.

Live Music Ecstasy

When really, really talented people happen to also be really darn good people, it renews my faith. In photo-367 photo-366 photo-365 photo-364


You can have all the diamonds,
You can have all the gold
But someday you’re still gonna get old
You’ve got to learn to get happy, along the way.
Take some chances, allow yourself to get lost
You’re beautiful baby, you’re the boss.
You’ve got to learn to get happy, along the way
There’s no road to follow,
only stones left unturned
You must play with fire,
in order to get burned
Toss your misery, out the door
What are you waiting for?
You’ve got to learn to get a little happy, along the way
It’s alright to change your style, it’s alright to smile
It’s alright to get a little happy along the way
Tough day at the office,
and worse, not at home
Don’t wanna talk about it,
Just wanna be left alone
There’s no joy in living,
You’re giving all and getting none
It’s a new beginning,
you thought you lost, but honey you won.
You can have all the diamonds, all the gold
Someday we’re still gonna get old,
We’ve got to learn to get happy along the way

Get your hat
Get your coat, babe
Leave your worries on the doorstep
We’ve got to get a little happy along the way.

~”Diamonds and Gold,” Langhorne Slim

Happy Friday, keeping it light

Grateful for colorful sights:
Creative inspiration, highly attuned senses:

Family, live music, whimsy:

Pieces of home, old friends, spontaneity:

Happy memories, coffee shop nooks:

Truthful humor:


Round Here

Things feel on the move around here, in a good way.

*I had a FAN-tastic Victoria weekend with the extended Coolidge clan, soaking up Canadian island life culture, laughing till our bellies ached and celebrating A + J + the wee bundle of joy they’re about to bring into the world. I am beyond thrilled for them. (It was also fun to travel with Hew and KL…I felt I hadn’t seen them too much in the past week or so!)

*I’m excited that an article I wrote was published in the May issue of Wild Sister!

*The ubiquitous wave pattern just made another surreal appearance in my life. These things leave me a little speechless sometimes.

*There is SLOW movement on the writing/assignment front. I’m keeping on keeping on and remaining persistent, open and optimistic.

*I’m also anxiously commencing week two of bongo drumming. Meridian Hill Drum Circle, here I come!

*I’m looking forward to some live music later this week. I haven’t had enough of that as of late! Here’s a Tuesday tune for you (someone I’m not seeing live, but still….). ENJOY:)

Some piccies from the weekend:

Chinatown, Victoria


Baby celebration!




Ze views


Just like our mums:)


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