Thursday Gratefuls

~lunch at a Broadway-themed diner

~finally scoring a seat at this friendly little cafe

~seamlessly-working Wi-Fi

~Feist Pandora station

~good communication

~gradually adding fun things to the Feb/March calendar (and yet being okay with it being fairly wide open)

~ Bon Iver and Mavis Staples CDs from the library

~family teamwork editing

~finding a Burns Supper to attend here in Seattle

~understanding commas so much more than I used to

~the elderly man in the corner reading “Eat, Pray, Love”

~skinny-jeaned buddies hugging


What’s on your list of gratefuls this week?


Monday Mix

This was my view for the past 36ish hours, as I hunkered down to finish an article (which I finally submitted this evening! Hooray!). Ironically, my biggest cram sessions writing-wise  have so far been on days that are ‘off days’ for everyone else. A bit flip-flopped, non? But believe me, I’m by no means complaining.


I feel my recent weeks have been such a blur–first holidays (food, drink, festivities, family), then more visitors (sightseeing, friends, food, drink, repeat) and finally meeting story deadlines (holed up with just my mind, my words and my laptop in my own lil cocoon). It’s all been really good fun, but a bit confusing at times too! (Especially to swap from 24/7 social mode to solitude/focused productive zone…)

Tonight when I finally stopped to take a breath, I tried to map out my plan of attack for tomorrow… Back to my routine, I thought! Until I realized I don’t really have a routine, a ‘normal’ here per se. Hmmm. Funny that. The curse AND beauty of being self-employed, eh? It’s odd, but refreshing too.

This video makes me so insanely happy. I just want to hang with these talents in that wee room all day long! Hope you enjoy it too:) Happy Monday, friends.