Duly Noted!


Putting this one in my back pocket as I begin my 2014 wish list…:)


Bad habits, begone!

Now that I’m attempting to work for myself, my time management skills are TRULY put to the test. Honestly, this is not always my forte. Some days work out much better than others. I’m trying to stick to certain rules I’ve set, but things like misbehaving computers (grrrrrrrrrrr) and endless Internet distractions (eeeeeeeeek, I would LOVE to detox like this), often get in the way. Some days I feel that I’m running in circles around a dizzying loop, jumping from one thing to the next and driving meself a wee bit batty in the process…

As the season of resolutions rolls our way, I think it’s time for me to seriously reassess and break some old, nagging habits.¬†What tricks do you find work when attempting to manage your time?


“A habit is first cobwebs, then cables.”~North American proverb


“Ill habits gather unseen degrees. As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.”~John Dryden