Happy to Report, WANDERLUST Alive & Well Around These Parts!

I loved our Memphis-Oxford, Miss.-Nashville road trip so, so much.

I have oodles more to say—and a million jumbled words drafted—but, for now….photos!

Feeling emotionally grateful for these experiences, these adventures, these friends, this life I get to lead. Sometimes things feel like they’re moving a million miles an hour as of late, and I’m trying to take moments to pause, process and savor it all. I feel in the midst of big things, and I want to remember to be here—truly here—for every step of this unfolding journey.

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Thanks, South, for your warm hospitality! “Y’all come back now” shouldn’t be a problem for this traveler:)

Sandwich Road Trip Anyone?

The mini + pobre, little stray dog. (Note the "tumbleweed" picked up en route, ha!)

The mini + pobre, little stray dog. (Note the “tumbleweed” picked up en route, ha!)

I am a lover of sandwiches and a lover of road trips. So. Who wants to eat their way across America with me? (Admittedly, some of these sandwiches look a little too meat-crazy for yours truly, but….I’d give it a whirl.)

Recently, I have a dream of getting sent on some sort of project where I have to travel the width of our vast, amazing, quirky country, exploring all the nooks and crannies  along the way. I love road trips,  I love interviewing local characters, and I love little towns with one blinking stop light, one laundromat and one local pub where everybody knows your name. I think that, because this is so far from the reality of the suburban upbringing I experienced, I am just fascinated by life in these remote, unpopulated pockets of our country.

So, I’ve decided I really want an assignment that gives me the excuse to do this—to hit the road and to interview folks I meet along the path. I want to learn their stories; I want to share their tales.

I’m talking This American Life, StoryCorps, documentary research or random projects like this that I’ve recently randomly stumbled upon and become so captivated by. (Or maybe I could/should create a project on my own? Hmmmm. If anyone with an assignment catches wind of this post, feel free to send it my way:))

Here are some preview pics from my recent mini-roadtrip east to Leavenworth and Walla Walla, WA.

This is a mighty diverse country we’ve got, y’all, and there’s still so much more of it I want to explore.

Snowing through the pass

Snowing through the pass


Some no-nonsense Walla Walla Mexican, thanks to a tip from a local

The Way Joy Makes You Move



(^Isn’t my home lovely? Sometimes I truly can’t believe my luck at being able to walk two blocks from my apartment to soak in this gorgeous setting.)




{I am off on a rather impromptu trip to Whistler early tomorrow morning. I’m really looking forward to some road trippin’, alfresco fun and the chance to temporarily reboot/unplug. In the light of all the emotion, anger and sadness of these recent days, I am trying to find gratitude for the reminder to cherish what really matters. Perspective seems an understatement. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!}