Thankful November: Day 13

Day 13 * I am grateful for: Times when, for some unknown reason, strangers gravitate toward me…on days when I also happen to feel open and receptive to hearing their stories. Today, in the midst of some relatively short-lived bus banter coming home from downtown, a man revealed so much to me about his day that he moved himself to tears. Although I’ll never know the background as to why that one particular anecdote carried such significance and emotion for him, I felt that—for one moment—I was let in on something sacred.

And I wondered why we don’t share/bare our true selves with/to strangers more often. Vulnerability can be a beautiful thing.

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” ― Gwendolyn Brooks

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The Ride

Last night, I went to bed feeling a little heavy. It had been a hermit-y day full of solitary work and, since the sun decided to scat, some (rare for August) drab, gray skies. I ached for it all—the imminent departure of my brother and sister-in-law from this city/country and the shocking and impossibly sad departure of the exceedingly talented Robin Williams from this Earth. I felt it all.

But sleep changes everything, and today was a new day. I filled it with some of my favorite things—a yoga class of Jessica’s, quality time with my brother, a productive work session in a bright and airy cafe.

What’s more, I encountered kind people everywhere I looked. The baristas. The patrons. Fellow riders on the bus. Just now, on a jam-packed, rush-hour #40, an elderly woman who didn’t speak a lick of English, insisted on carrying my grocery bag on her lap the whole ride home. Her simple gesture had such impact. Thank you, kind stranger, for helping me remember.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”~Ram Dass

Fremont sunset