Black Cats & Josh Ritter

I’m having a frustrating week where I feel like I’m being continually tested, when I need (pretty please) reminders/signs to trust that it’s all going to be okay.

Instead, while waiting outside for a friend last night, a black cat pranced in front of my path with a dead mouse dangling from its creepy little mouth. WTF, Universe.

Here’s a Tiny Desk Concert by the incredible Josh Ritter, who I saw perform last night on a sun-soaked zoo esplanade. I love summer.

Zoo Tunes

Zoo Tunes

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park

Moon-set at Fremont Peak Park


So It Goes (& Friday Tunes)

It’s been an interesting, roller coaster week. I’m excited it’s weekend. There have been a lot of shifts going on in my world (talk of people coming and going, money strains, thoughts of a future plan, etc.), and much of it has my stomach in absolute knots. I have a hard time accepting change with grace.

I’ve been up since 6-something. In this town, when the sun streams in and splashes forcefully against my bedroom walls, I just cannae miss a single minute of it. I want to bathe in its warmth. I hope to make today light and airy, to not get bogged down in the heaviness of anything. Yesterday, at the end of class, Claudette treated us to a serenade of this Irish-meets-yogic song with her ethereal voice. It was beautiful. This morning I listened to it while I ate my oatmeal, determined to not multitask (for once!) and simply taste my food and feel the sun.

Yesterday was a very USA/Uncle Sam-themed day. First I got BADdddd news while filing taxes (ARGHHH! Such exorbitant self-employment taxes!!) and cursed our government the whole way home. Then last night, I enjoyed some welcomed laughs with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages at an improv show based on the inner workings of the White House. Yin yang, happy sad, so it goes.

How have your weeks been? I leave you with some feel-good tunes—Edward Sharpe & the gang, one of the bands I’ll be seeing in the Colorado mountains at Ride Fest this summer-yeeha! I’m SO excited. Happy weekend, friends.