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Found a new blogger whose writing style I dig. This bit on transitions resonated a lot. (I feel a lot of change in the air as of late, and it’s contributing to some awfully toss-and-turny nights. This time of year is always a melange of nostalgia and potential-tinged excitement, I find.)

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Call it hippie-dippie if you will, but I increasingly love this astrology stuff.

Brene’s the wisest of ’em all. (And I’m so bummed I somehow missed the boat to hear her speak here at Town Hall in a couple weeks!)

Adorable. (I love clever people.)

I wish this wasn’t so darn relatable about our/my 21st-century over-connectedness.

With any kind of luck, I’ll be seeing a new fave Nathaniel Ratecliff this weekend!

Hope the weeks are off to a great start. Happy September manana (rabbit, rabbit!).


Seasons of Change

Fremont @ night

Tonight I walked home under the brilliant light of a near full moon (the air smelling of sweet late-summer bonfires). I felt blanketed in love after a comforting, cozy dinner out with my amazing Seattle tribe; I adore them so.

And yet this is suddenly a city where my brother and sister-in-law no longer live (I love them so much…I don’t have the words). I don’t know this place without them (and I’m not sure I can). The tears cascade in alarmingly bottomless streams, and my heart sits heavily in my chest, sucking away my air. I find my footing home in the dark of night—new footing that feels awkward and clumsy—but that with time will come. (Right? It will come?)

I hate change, and I resist transition, and yet so often, we don’t have a say. And so, here it is; change has come. And I grapple my way forward into this new season, shuffling under the moonlight to find my path home.


A Midsummer’s Anti-Recap

Sunset on GG

People keep asking how my summer’s been, and I don’t quite know what to say. (First off, why the past tense, people? I ain’t saying adieu to this season just yet!)

Also, it’s been so much, a bit of it all; it’s been everything. There’s no tidy response. It started off with so much unspeakable sadness, and it will end with a bittersweet ache, too (my brother and sister-in-law move to the UK next week!).

But, man, in between, there’s been so much goodness. Life is so full, so multi-layered, so surprising, so rich. I pinch myself sometimes—the deep-rooted connections I’ve made, the beautiful music I get to hear, the waters I get to frequent, the fiery sunsets I get to drink in. These days, I’m just really sitting back and taking it allllll in.

photo 1

photo 2

“There are no simple answers in life. There is a good and bad in everyone and everything. No decision is made without consequence. No road is taken that doesn’t lead to another. What’s important is that those roads always be kept open, for there’s no telling what wonder they might lead to.”~D.J. MacHale


Home #1

Home #1

Awake early. Jetlag. Sun streaming in. (Catch it while you can!) Reggae, Langhorne, Fruit Bats. Easing my way in, easing my way back.

Home #2

Home #2

It’s the same story every time I hop coasts, transitioning between the two worlds. I miss there and I really, really miss them. (Some trips, it feels much harder to wrench myself away than others.) At the same time, it feels good to return here.

I have two homes I truly love. This is rare, I realize. I am very grateful.

Do you, too, balance between a here and a there? What helps you gracefully glide back in?

photo (39)


Falling into a new season

This year, I really resisted the transition away from such a glorious summer. Thankfully, though, I finally came around. I’m now fully embracing the new season and all the goodies it brings in tow. I had a super nice time in sunny, palm-treed San Diego last week (pics to come!), but man would I miss these gorgeous colors of cozy autumn.


Scenes of September

So far, September has been so-so. I mean, it’s been alright really, just nothing too notable—but I suppose after SUCH a stellar August, there was nowhere to land but a bit lower down. It’ll pick up again soon, I’m sure and, in the interim, I recognize that the downtime is important, too. Autumn is in the air around these parts. Everyone and everything seems to be in transition, perhaps somewhat reluctantly.

Still, though, there’ve been really good things. Here’s how parts of it have looked (in opposite chronological order, so think present—>past):

I’ve been sick (AKA now). And hibernating.


I stopped by a Greek fest. Opa


I heard awesome music (Mikey & Matty)


….and even more awesome music (in a “round” that also featured a poet and two visual artists). Man, there’s just so much amazing talent in this world, isn’t there?


I was feeling very out of sorts, so I went to the water.


It helped. It always does.


I received out-of-the-blue gifts from a few thoughtful friends. 


I soaked up that fleeting brightness with a vengeance.


I dreamt of one day owning one of these. (Actually, just a small sailboat will do for me, thanks.)


…at a boat show with my fellow Pisces.


I didn’t quite know what to do with myself on 9/11. So stopping by this little peace lady seemed an appropriate thing to do.


The weather was really stunning (before it went really crap).


I played office worker bee for the day. I do not miss the commute. But it was nice to be out amongst the hustle & bustle.


Moving Day

*Standing at point A, looking across the water to Point B, aka my soon-to-be Fremont home.*

Moving days, by nature, are hectic and sleep-deprived, reflective and a bit of an emotional jumble.

Currently, this is me.


*Nostalgic about leaving Eastlake. Thrilled to move beyond Eastlake. Grateful for what this Eastlake nest has given me over the past many months.

*Sad about what might have been. Excited about what might be. Determined to live in a more permanent, accepting and mindful space of “where I am/whatever I’m doing right now is the best place to be, because it is where I am.” (Grass-is-greener, be gone.)

*Shaken to the core by real-life, earth-shattering diagnoses (and feeling helpless for relatives affected directly by the surreal news).

*All at once surfing fleeting moments of loneliness and even more moments where I feel so very loved, supported and buoyed (and more on the verge of belonging to a community than I have felt since relocating).

*So thankful to live in a place where people are kind. (And where I’ve experienced so much unexpected kindness, from strangers especially, in the past little while.)

*Grateful to have things on the go, a real shift in energy on the receiving end. To have downtime and manageable deadlines and a schedule I control, yet to also feel a real sense of purpose and drive.

(*Amused that Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is still one of my most favorite guilty-pleasure happy songs. Ha. Should I be embarrassed to admit this? I’m also beyond chuffed that my new 23-year-old apartment manager just gave me a copy of a reggae CD he burned. See? The kindness, it’s everywhere once you look for it…)

Did you all have a happy 4th? I sure did, and summer even arrived a day EARLY (since all Seattleites claim summer doesn’t typically show up till July 5th). What a lovely surprise.

Here’s to moving on, new beginnings, transitions, hopefulness, reserves of strength, summer fun, kind people, news that’s good and independence!